Judge Tye Mortimer was a judge that lived in Sunrise, Wyoming.


In 1861, Elias Finch was framed for the murder of his wife by the Deputy, and Judge Mortimer sentenced him to be hanged. Elias, being a Phoenix, could not die by this method and Elias swore vengeance on the Deputy, the Judge and the Sheriff.

After the hanging, Mortimer met Sam and Dean who were looking for Samuel Colt. He noted how clean Dean's shirt was, though Dean argued, saying it was dirtier than it looks. When Sam asked where Samuel was, the sheriff directed them to Saloon owner Elkins.

Mortimer eventually went there himself and caught his date, Darla, snuggling up to Dean. He reminded her of their arrangement and promptly went to bed with her. However, Elias returned and incinerated the judge. Darla was left horrified and crying in the corner of the bedroom, Mortimer's ashes being all that's left of him.


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