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Ty's friends, along with Ty, were victims of the Attack Dog Spell.


Ty's friends watch Ty play pool against Dean Winchester. Ty appeared to be winning, but Dean refused to give up and brought up the stakes instead, leading Ty's friends to lend money for Ty. However, Dean's playing skills improved and Dean eventually beat Ty, revealing that Dean had in fact hustled them.

When Dean walked away with the money and Ty's watch, one of Ty's friends told Ty to leave Dean alone, recognizing him as a bad person. The trio are soon approached by a witch named Rowena MacLeod, who casts the Attack Dog Spell on them to use them against Dean.

Dean fights all three of them but chooses against killing them. Dean wants to kill Rowena, but keeps her alive so she can undo the spell before it kills the trio, as it had done to Elle.