Twigs and Twine Cloning Spell is a spell that creates a clone using twigs and twine.

Twig doll Tasha, original form 1


In Twigs & Twine & Tasha Banes, an unnamed borrower witch uses her demon-given magic to recreate deceased people. She first kills her intended targets, removes their hearts and puts the heart inside a human-shape twig doll. Using her magical ring and a spell book, the twig doll takes the form of the heart's owner.

The recreated person has exactly the same memories, emotions and physical appearance as the original person. The two main differences are that the twig doll versions are obedient to whoever cast the spell and possess super strength. They will behave as normal when not under a command. Once the caster gives a command, the twig doll's eyes glow white as if activated.

The only known method to destroy these recreations is to kill the spell caster. The spell caster's death will cause the twig dolls to dissolve, returning to a pile of twigs.

Known CastersEdit

The eyes of a Twig doll 1

Known RecreationsEdit


  • The twig doll's ability to have emotions indicates that it may possess a soul, though it is unlikely, given it may simply be a very good duplicate of the original, somewhat like Teddy.
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