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Twig doll Tasha, original form 1

A twig and twine doll before being animated.

The Twigs and Twine Clones refers to dolls made of twigs and twine enchanted to act exactly like a certain person.

Background and HistoryEdit

A borrower witch who made a deal with a demon managed to gain access to a powerful spell that allowed her to animate twigs and twine dolls to appear and act exactly like an intended target. The witch created clones for every victim she killed, using their hearts as a key ingredient for the spell. With the help of the witch's ring, the spell is cast and continues to exert control over the doll whenever the witch demands it. The clone also possesses the memories of the person it was made to copy.

After the death of the unnamed witch, the ability to cast the spell passed on to Max Banes, who was forced to continue to legacy due to the death of his mother and sister, the memory of the latter he kept alive through a clone.


These clones completely pass as regular humans and could convince even the most seasoned hunters, and even other witches. No other witch has been previously shown to have this ability.

Whenever the controlling witch orders a clone to do his or her own bidding, the clone's eyes turn completely white and they begin to act more robotic.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - The dolls were shown to be strong enough to easily overpower experienced hunters.
  • Regeneration - Once a clone suffers sufficient physical damage, they revert to their undamaged form.
  • Immortality - As artificial, magically-powered beings, they don't age and cannot be killed by conventional methods.


  • Killing the Controlling Witch - The only known effective countermeasure is the death of the controlling witch.


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