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Trogs are prehistoric humanoid creatures that reside in depth of Mammoth Cave, Brownsdale, Kentucky.


According to Sheriff Michael Thompson, these creatures already have been around long before the town existed and living in the depth of Mammoth Cave. The Men of Letters already recorded supernatural occurences and mysterious disappearances in Kentucky during 1750-1792 period, which they later compiled a report in 1853, but leave no explanation on it and are unable to found out what happened there. Sam later found the report in Men of Letters library and connected it with 1949 missing person statistic that was kept by the Government.


Trogs appearance resembling humans. Their faces had some similarities to modern man, but other parts looked more prehistoric. Their bodies were short, under five feet tall even when they held the torches high and tried to stretch to see above them, with folds of loose, pallid skin that was streaked with dirt and heavy veins. Beneath their flesh muscles flexed in powerful-looking arms and legs; the arms reached nearly to the ground, with hands that would have looked normal except that the thumb and fingers were as thick as small tree branches and ended in substantial wickedly pointed nails that were at least two inches long. They wore no clothing, but cannot be distinguished if there were males and females, as they had too much skin hanging everywhere to see a difference. They also had excessive fat growth that provided enough insulation to cope with the cold temperature inside the cave. Their legs were jointed at the knee, but the lower part, the shin, was so short it was almost nonexistent—they had huge thighs, knees that were almost as wide, then a small bend that culminated in massive, heavy feet that were bigger than their bulbous heads.

Face description of Trogs are quite detailed in the novel. The top of the skull slanted straight into the creature's back, with no indentation for the neck; the same with its chin, although there had been a thick roll of extra skin rolling down from the ears to the upper chest. Small ears, really no more than shallow openings, were the only thing that broke the expanse of skin on either side of its head. Above the brow ridge were more folds of skin, almost like forehead wrinkles but much fatter. There was no nose in the triangle between the eyes and mouth, just a flat, smooth expanse above the mouth. Its mouth slanted down and was so wide it ran almost the width of its face. There was no upper lip, just a flat area where the nose should have been that finally curved and disappeared, but that didn't mean anything. The lower jaw jutted forward and just inside of a thick bottom lip a line of crooked, vicious-looking teeth poked upward.

Trogs made bizarre sounds that were a cross between grunting and bubbling breaths, as though their lungs were permanently congested from the cave's unrelenting humidity.

Trogs apparently lack any forms of intelligence and sentience, acting completely like an animal. They eat to survive, and that's all. Despite that, they possessed some form of mentality pack and some lesser forms of emotion. If one member of their pack died they will mourn briefly, and if they found out if someone killed one of their pack members, the other members of the pack will immediately retaliate to the killer.

Trogs had a fondness in human flesh and fed on it. They mostly ate the flesh raw without indication of cooking with fire like prehistoric humans. Moreover, they also afraid of fire. Sam called them as "freaks of evolution".

Powers and Abilities

Trogs are prehistoric creatures without any supernatural powers. They only relied fully on their biological capabilities.

  • Super Strength - Trogs possessed enormous physical raw strength to knock human with ease.
  • Claws - Trogs possessed sharp claws to attack.
  • Fangs - Trogs possessed sharp fangs that used for chewing human flesh.
  • Powerful Jaw - Trogs possessed powerful jaw that able to crush human bone.
  • Resilience - Trogs are quite resilient, thanks to their biology, so they can survive several shots of sawed-off shotgun before died.


Trogs has no specific weaknesses attributed to them. As prehistoric creatures, they have no any means recorded to exactly kill them, as nobody encountered and recorded it before, even by the Men of Letters, which managed to only record the missing person incidents and leave no explanation of it. Despite that, Sam and Dean later found out that they were still mortal and killable using ordinary means.

  • Mortality - Bullets were able to wound and kill them. Despite that, it required several shots to take it down, even the shots came from sawed-off shotgun. Cave collapse effectively crushed them and killed them. If fire and cave collapse did not kill them, being trapped in the cave without any means to escape could starve them to death.
  • Fire - As a cave dweller and familiar with darkness, Trogs are afraid of fire. Firelight and sparks terrified them and keep them away. Moreover, Trogs can be killed by explosive. Beau Pyle killed them by a grenade explosion.



  • Technically, this is the third creature that Dean has named, the others being the Khan Worm and Jefferson Starships.
    • Trogs itself is short of Troglodytes. Trogdolytes is a human cave dweller, from the Greek "trogle" means "hole, mouse-hole" and "dyein" means "go in, dive in".
    • Originally, Dean called them Morlocks due to its appearance, but Sam said that name already used in a book.
      • Morlocks are a fictional species created by H. G. Wells for his 1895 novel The Time Machine and are the main antagonist.
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