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Tricksters are a type of mischievous gods with the ability to warp reality and make real-looking objects and people out of thin air.


Demigod-like immortal creatures that thrive on creating mischief and mayhem. With the power to make objects materialize out of thin air, the Trickster accomplishes its destructive feats via unusual and often humorous means, its intent to humble the self-important. The Trickster's metabolism is such that it craves sugary treats and consumes calories voraciously. To kill a Trickster one must obtain a stake dipped in the blood of its victim and plunge it into the god's heart. Famous Tricksters include Loki of Scandinavian myth and Anansi of West Africa.
These things create chaos and mischief as easy as breathing. They're more like Demigods, really. There's Loki in Scandinavia. There's Anansi in West Africa. Dozens of them. They're immortal, and they can create things out of thin air, things as real as you and me. Make them vanish just as quick. Tricksters target the high and the mighty, knock 'em down a peg, usually with a sense of humor -- deadly pranks, things like that... They're lots of things, but human, mostly.

Tricksters are rather rare but their powers are greater than some other gods; they are able to warp reality, create people and objects out of thin air and create time loops. According to Bobby, they can take the form of anything but most of the time they appear as humans. They generally have a sweet tooth, and enjoy sugary treats, as they have the "metabolism of an insect". They commonly have a mischievous personality, and generally go after the high and mighty, and enjoy taking them down a peg, normally in ironic ways.

The Trickster[]

The only Trickster who encountered the Winchesters did so on four occasions and on the third time, it was revealed that the Trickster wasn't really a Trickster but the archangel Gabriel who had assumed the identity and persona of Loki. In Unfinished Business the Winchesters and Gabriel fought the actual Loki who referred to himself as "the real Trickster." Loki was ultimately killed by Gabriel with a specially-crafted wooden sword.

Powers and Abilities[]

They're immortal, and they can create things out of thin air—things as real as you and me. Make 'em vanish just as quick.
Bobby to Sam and Dean
in Tall Tales

Tricksters, as gods, are very powerful beings capable of warping reality to an immense degree. However, their power to do so is not on par with an archangel's.

  • Immortality - Tricksters can live for thousands of years without aging or dying.
  • Invulnerability - Tricksters are invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Highly Advanced Reality Warping - A Trickster's main power, they can warp reality to fit their own desires both for their tricks and their personal use. Loki was able to turn a crappy motel room into a five-star suite at will for his own usage.
    • Conjuration - Tricksters could create things out of thin air including constructs of other beings and realistic projections of themselves that could harm others but suffer no damage in the process.
    • Shapeshifting - They can assume any form they want as seen with Anansi.
  • Telekinesis - During his fight with Gabriel, Loki displayed telekinesis.
  • Super Strength - As seen with Loki, Tricksters are superhumanly strong.


  • A Stake of Wood Dipped in the Blood of a Trickster Victim - A stake of wood dipped in the blood of a Trickster's victim sticked in the heart of this same Trickster, is one way to kill them.
  • Gabriel's swords - A wooden sword specially-crafted by Gabriel to target Loki through the heart was able to kill him.
  • Archangels - At full power, Gabriel would have been effortlessly able to kill Loki.
  • Snake Venom - Odin trapped Loki in a cave with a snake dipping her venom in his eyes as a form of torture.
  • Angels - In Changing Channels, Castiel implies that Tricksters should not be more powerful than angels, as he hoped rescuing the brothers Winchester from the TV world by his own.

Known Tricksters[]