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Trevor was a friend of Gary and Nora. The three of them, together played with magic. Then one day, Gary went into a trance, and drew a face. They heard the demons putting a bounty on Dean's head.


So when Sam and Dean Winchester pop into town, Gary and his friend made a plan to go in Trojan Horse style. It was assumed that Trevor was the one who knocked Sam out with a tranquilizer. Later Trevor saw Sam walking around in Gary's body. As Sam was leaving the school, Trevor and Nora tried to slow him down and get the book back. Trevor gave up on that, and shot Sam with another tranquilizer. They brought Sam back to Trevor's house, where his parents were not home.

Trevor called Gary about the situation, and told him to hurry up and kill Dean. Sam was shocked at this. Trevor informed Sam about what their plan. Sam called him stupid, and that demons aren't something to mess with. Then Trevor got the idea to summon a demon to do the work for him. Sam tried to stop him, but Trevor did not listen. The demon came and possessed Nora. Trevor gave the demon "Sam" and Dean's location, and asked the demon for a reward. The demon, annoyed by his demand, killed Trevor by impaling him through the torso with her bare hands.

Powers and abilities[]

Trevor was a budding and rather weak witch.


  • Mortality - Trevor was mortally wounded by being impaled by a demon.


  • Witchcraft Book - A book possessed by his coven, from where he retired a ritual to summon a demon.