The Trenton Family was a small family touched by the supernatural world.

History[edit | edit source]

At an unknown point, family patriarch Edward Trenton was turned into an unknown species of monster that ate livers. Edward's murders drew the attention of hunter Dean Winchester who killed Edward on June 21, 2003 in Nyack, New York where he was living with his wife and son Cole. The struggle drew the attention of the thirteen-year old Cole who came to believe that his father had been murdered by Dean. Cole would come to want revenge on Dean for the believed murder.

Cole would eventually go on to have a wife and son and to become a Marine and work in special operations. Cole would serve two tours in Iraq and serve in Darfur and the Congo. During this time, Cole would encounter child soldiers forced to fight in wars and would see the people who forced the children into fighting as true monsters.

Cole would eventually get a fax with a picture of Dean Winchester after he'd killed Drew Neely. Cole set out to hunt Dean down and get revenge, leaving his family behind and kidnapping Dean's brother Sam. During a confrontation with Dean, Cole learned of the existence of demons and began researching demons, becoming a hunter in order to get his revenge.

Cole would track down Dean who was once again human. After defeating Cole in a fight, Dean revealed the truth about what happened the night that Edward died and got Cole to back down from his revenge. Reminded of his family, Cole gave up hunting and returned home.

Months later, Cole's old friend Kit Verson was infected by a khan worm. Learning of the event, Cole went to investigate and met the Winchesters again. During this time, Cole was infected with a khan worm himself, but Dean was able to get it out of Cole and save his life. However, Sam was forced to kill Kit in self-defense. The incident brought to Cole a new understanding of what had happened to his father and he appeared to finally forgive Dean before returning to his family.

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