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Travis was a hunter friend of John, Sam and Dean Winchester.


Travis called Sam for some help due to Travis recently having broken his arm. He told Sam and Dean to watch Jack Montgomery for any strange behavior, and only later told them that Jack was a Rugaru. Travis knew this because he'd hunted and killed Jack's father in 1978, but didn't know that his wife was pregnant at the time. She put Jack up for adoption and he was lost in the system. Travis confessed that he wasn't sure he would have had the heart to kill one so young even if he had found him. But, as Jack was exhibiting tell-tale signs, he was sure that Jack would turn. Sam demanded that Travis allow him and Dean to talk to Jack about his condition and the possibility of overcoming it before just exterminating him by fire. Travis was extremely dubious (as was Dean), but seemed to back down.[1]

Travis becomes Jack's first meal of "long pig".

Travis later took matters into his own hands and went to Jack's house, and discovered Jack's wife Michelle home alone. Not willing to let another Rugaru roam free, he bound and gagged her and waited for Jack to return home. Jack returned and saw her just before Travis knocked him out and tied him up. When he regained consciousness, he tried to plead the case that he'd done nothing wrong, and that Sam and Dean told him it was possible not to succumb to his nature. As Travis prepared to burn the house down, Jack begged him to at least let his wife go. Travis then called on his wife to reveal, to Jack's surprise, that she was pregnant. Travis apologetically told them that her pregnancy meant she was part of the problem, because he would not be around for thirty more years to monitor their child. Jack became enraged, broke free and attacked Travis as he doused the room with gasoline. He managed to pin Travis and take a bite from his neck, then devoured him almost completely. As a result, Jack became a fully fledged Rugaru.[1]