The Transformed Angels are a group of formerly-human churchgoers who were converted into Angels by the Nephilim Jack.


During Jack in the Box, they were religious fanatics who attended a church session before their pastor walked out and Jack appeared to them. Jack told them that he could take them to a higher status. The goers were skeptical until Jack revealed his status as a Nephilim by showing his angel wings, to their amazement. Speechless by the divine spectacle, they decided to follow him and ignored their pastor when he returned and showed no concern when he was killed by Jack.

Later on, the churchgoers were brought to Heaven where Jack proceeded to forge their souls into that of angels at the instruction of Duma. The fanatics were happy to be brought to a higher stage of being, before Castiel barged in to see this. Jack happily informed him of his act, as Castiel noticed and asked for a word with Duma.

After completing his task, Jack picked up Sam's prayer and returned to the Men of Letters bunker where he told them that he can create Angels now. The Winchesters were amazed to hear this.

During Moriah, Jack reveals that he knows creating the new angels were by Duma's manipulations.



  • It is unknown if they inherited the full powers and wings of a regular angel, or if he just transfigured their souls into grace.
  • Their creation slightly held off Heaven's imminent destruction.
  • They were the first set of angels to be created since God first created angels.
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