Tracy Davis was a six hundred year old witch and sister to Don Harding. The two raised the demon Samhain from Hell on Halloween.


Tracy appeared to be a normal high school student, she knew both the victims in two recent strange deaths in town that occurred just before Halloween. The first victim, Luke Wallace, died from ingesting razor blades concealed in Halloween candy. Tracy babysat for the Wallaces, a fact Dean discovered only after she claimed not to know him when he questioned her at the scene of the second victim's death. That victim, Tracy's friend Jenny, died by drowning in a tub of water that mysteriously began to boil as she bobbed for apples at a party. The Winchesters found hex bags planted at both death scenes.

An investigation of Tracy led Sam and Dean to her high school, where she had been suspended after having a violent confrontation with the art teacher, Don Harding.

After talking to Don, the brothers returned to their hotel room where they were informed by angels Castiel and Uriel that one or both of them were about to have become victims of a witch; they had found hex bags in the walls of their room. The angels ordered them to leave the town, because they were going to destroy it as a means of preventing the raising of Samhain, one of the 66 Seals that had to be broken before Lucifer could rise. The boys defied them—they would not leave. They had already identified the witch and were going to take care of her, prevent the seal from being broken, and save the town.


Tracy completes the incantation.

Sam and Dean figured out that Don was the one that hid the hex bags in their room. They went to his house and found that he was about to make Tracy the third sacrifice of the summoning spell.

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Samhain snapping Tracy's neck

They saved her by shooting him dead, only to confirm that she was the witch and that Don was her brother. She revealed that she'd wanted him dead for a long time. She then rendered the brothers powerless and completed the ritual using her brother as the third victim. Samhain rose and took control of her brother's corpse and she greeted him with open arms. As she went for a kiss, Samhain repaid her loyalty by snapping her neck, killing her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Spell Casting - Due to being a witch, Tracy has extended knowledge in the use of spells and hex bags, as seen when she summoned Samhain with a spell.
    • Hexing - Due to being an old witch, she has absolute knowledge of hex bags, and uses this to kill others.
    • Telekinesis - She can move objects with her will, she uses this to knock down Sam and Dean.
    • Immortality - She has found a way to stay young for a while, due to her actual age being 600 years old.
    • Magic occultation - She was able to hide her presence from angels, as Castiel and Uriel couldn't find her on their own.


  • Mortality - Even being immortal, she was still vulnerable to forms of physical harms, as she was killed by Samhain by snapping her neck.


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