Tracy is the daughter of an unnamed evidence officer that was investigating the mysterious murder of Irina Koganzon. Tracy finds the shoes in the bag that her father had and puts the shoes on, which mysteriously fit her. However brothers Sam and Dean Winchester manage to take off the shoes before Tracy had the same fate as Irina.

Tracy, while in the police station her father works at notices a pair of ballet shoes in a bag, Tracy's interest in the shoes increases. Tracy manages to get the shoes and makes an excuse to go into the bathroom in order to sneak the shoes on, Tracy's dad lets her go into the bathroom on her own. Tracy puts the ballet shoes on, which, mysteriously shrink to fit Tracy's size. Later, Sam and Dean Winchester go to Tracy's father and ask for the ballet shoes, Tracy's father realizes that Tracy had stolen the shoes from him after Tracy's father says that Tracy loved ballet. Sam and Dean go into the bathroom, where Tracy was and finds that Tracy already has the shoes on and Tracy levitates on her own and start to dance. Sam and Dean fight with the cursed shoes on Tracy, which manages to kick Dean in the face twice. Sam and Dean manage to pull the cursed shoes off of Tracy, saving her before Tracy had the same fate as Irina.

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