Toys are objects, generally used by children to play and exercise their imagination, that have been featured in some episodes of Supernatural.


Season 1Edit

Cymbal Monkey of Doom

In Home, Jenny has called in a plumber after the garbage disposal has stopped working. As he tries to fix it, a toy monkey mysteriously starts banging its cymbals just before the poltergeist causes the plumber's hand to be mangled in the garbage disposal.

Season 2Edit


In Playthings, Sam and Dean investigate a series of mysterious deaths at the Pierpont Inn. At the inn, the brothers begin to notice strange dolls with backward heads, an urn with a hoodoo pattern, and a mysterious old woman confined to the attic. The dolls in the dollhouse appear to mirror the way Maggie Thompson kills people, but the dolls themselves are not actually evil.

Season 4Edit

SPN 0652

In Wishful Thinking, a teddy bear come to life. It was a Teddy bear that belong to Audrey Elmer that came alive because of a wishing well. Audrey meets Sam and Dean  they track reported Big Foot fooprints, in a town where strange things are happening. The brothers are surprised when she tells them that her teddy bear is responsible for the damage.

Season 5Edit


In I Believe the Children Are Our Future, when Castiel resolves himself to kill Jesse Turner with a Angel Blade, Jesse's reality warping power is demonstrated when he transforms the angel into an action-figure-sized version of himself. Castiel is restored when Jesse leaves and goes into hiding.

Season 7Edit


In Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, Sam gives Dean the giant slinky that he won. Dean has a Plucky doll for him and Sam leaves it behind as they drive off. The clown doll is lying on the road with the head broken away from the body. It winks and we hear the sound of a clown laughing quietly.

Season 14Edit

In Mint Condition, during the episode, the Vengeful Spirit Jordan MacNeel, possessed various toys and mannequins throught the episode in order to get his revenge from Stuart Blake.


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