This is a page listing powers that require physical contact to work.

Sedation TouchEdit


Sedation Touch is the ability to induce immediate unconsciousness in humans.

All Angels possess this power, as do Archangels like Michael. To perform this, they place two fingers (index and middle) on a person's head, usually the forehead or temple.

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Death TouchEdit

Castiel saves dean

Castiel smites this demon.

See Necrogenesis/Smiting

Death Touch is the ability to kill a being simply by touching them.

There are varying degrees of this. Reapers, ghosts, and Lily Baker can only kill humans by touch. Angels can smite demons and monsters in addition to humans, although this ability won't work on a demon if it's too strong and/or the angel too weak, it also won't work if the demon isn't possessing somebody as they have nothing corporeal to touch. Death has the highest form of this ability, as he can make any living being die simply by touching them.

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Incineration TouchEdit

Anna dead

Michael incinerates Anna.

See Pyrokinesis

Incineration Touch is the ability that allows the user to burn or melt an object or living entity simply by making physical contact with it. Entities with this power usually use a hand to employ it.

Archangels can use this ability to kill other angels by burning them through completely. "Business-type" angels, such as Zachariah and Joshua, refer to this as "being fired".

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See Healing

Healing is the ability to remove injuries, sicknesses, and wounds through physical contact, though sometimes touch is not required.

This ability is included in the miracle repertoire of all archangels, seraphs, angels, the last provided they are connected to heaven. This ability was also used at one point to change Dean from a Jefferson Star-Ship back to human.

Reapers have the ability to heal those near death as an inverse ability to what their natural purpose is. When Azazel possessed Tessa, he used her reaping abilities to not only bring Dean back from the brink of death but cure his injuries and wounds as well. Sue Ann Le Grange also took advantage of this ability when she cast the reaper enslavement spell. The difference between these two instances is that Sue Ann had to transfer one person's death to someone else for the "healing" to take place, whereas Azazel's healing came seemingly without price for the reaper.

Demons are also able to cure injuries and sicknesses, but cannot do so unless a deal for the requester's soul is struck beforehand.

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See Resurrection

Resurrection is the ability to revive someone from death by making physical contact, though sometimes touch is not required.

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Time TravelEdit

See Time Travel

Angels are able to send or bring entities along with them through time by touching them.

Tricksters are also capable of manipulating time, though touch might not be required. Seeing as how the only trickster on the show wasn't technically a trickster, details are a bit fuzzy.

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See: Apporting
By touching someone, certain entities can transport others through space.

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