Torvald was a member of Thule, and was sent to watch over Rabbi Bass, to see if he would discover their lost secrets.


During World War II, he became part of Thule's successful reanimation program, and was brought back to life by them.

In the modern day he followed Rabbi Bass, to wait till he recover their lost secrets, and then take them off him, he followed him around till, the Rabbi succeed. Realizing his time was up, the Rabbi mocked his enemy, as such Torvald used his powers to kill him.

He later followed Aaron Bass, knowing that the Rabbi had passed his secrets onto him. He later caught Sam in the Library, and had shot him with a magic dart. He also shot Aaron, but the Golem went after him, he tried it on him, but the Golem proved immune and it beat him to death, he uttered one last "Long Live the Thule" before the Golem snapped his neck.

His spirit however was able to contact his leader, Commander Eckhart, before his body was torched.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality - Due to being reanimated by Thule he was immortal, and had stopped aging, looking in his twenties for seventy years, as well as became immune to illness.
    • Enhanced Durability - He could only be killed by being shot in the head or having his neck snapped.
    • Self-Resurrection - If he wasn't torched within twelve hours he would revive himself completely recovered.
  • Magic - Being a Nazi necromancer, he was skilled in magic, able to cause Rabbi Bass to burn to death, he could also use magic blow darts, that killed all, unless he himself was killed.
    • Pyrokinesis - Torwald used fire-based magic to cause Rabbi Bass to burn to death. 


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