I could... inflict, pain like you couldn't even imagine. I could inflict such delicious, perfect, pain.

Torture is the act of causing physical or mental pain to a being. It is used with instruments like knives, hooks, and drills, as well as supernatural powers like telekinesis.

While being most commonly associated as a practice carried out by Demons in Hell, it is also widely used by Humans as well as some Angels.[1]

According to Crowley, some inhabitants of Hell actually found pleasure in torture, rather than agony.[2]

Known Torturers[edit | edit source]

High-Level Torturers[edit | edit source]

  • Primordial Entities
    • The Darkness - She was able to torture Lucifer to the point where he was unable to regenerate from his wounds and could only be healed by God.
  • Archangels
    • Lucifer - He can torture people to the point where the mental trauma can kill them through sleep deprivation, as seen with Sam.[3] He was also able to torture Lilith's spirit until she became the first demon. The Prince of Hell Dagon was also terrified of his threats to torture her for eternity.
    • Raphael - Raphael once stated to Dean that he could torture beyond that of a high level angel's imagination.
    • Alternate Michael - He tortured Lucifer and Mary by encaging them and he chose to torture Lucifer in a cage simply due to his fear of being imprisoned. His success at torturing Lucifer even made him say that he had never seen such levels of torture in Hell and was clearly nervous when Michael was seemingly about to torture him. Michael also tortured Jack with physical torture.
    • Gabriel - He torments Sam by trapping him in a infinite time loop, where Dean continually dies.
  • Seraphim
    • Castiel - Castiel was shown to be skilled at the art of torture, as seen when he tortured one of Eve's Jefferson Starships into giving him information in a matter of minutes, despite having his powers blocked by the mother of all and on another occasion, when he tortured Dr. Visyak (who had previously resisted Crowley's attempts at the same) into giving him the spell to open Purgatory. Castiel also performed mental torture on the Resistance Traitor to get him to tell the truth.
  • Angels
    • Zachariah - He was well versed in torture methods. He gave Dean stomach cancer and removed Sam's lungs and demanded Dean to say yes to Michael. He caused Adam and Sam throw up blood and let Dean watch how he tortured them, to force Dean to say yes. His method worked until Dean tricked him into dropping his guard and killed him.
    • Naomi - She is a skilled torturer, as she used her memory drill to reprogram Castiel. Her talent is praised by Jonah who stated he once studied her.
    • Alternate Castiel - Castiel was an expert torturer, used extensively by Michael to pull information from the minds of his enemies.
  • White-eyed Demons
    • Alastair - He was Hell's Grand Torturer. His knowledge and skill in torture even caused fear in other demons. He was able to successfully torture Dean to the point that he broke him into torturing, which broke the first seal of the 66 Seals. He originally tortured Dean's father John to do the same, but he failed as John never gave in and soon escaped him.
    • Lilith - After Lilith destroyed the police station she kept every occupant alive for another 45 minutes to torture them, she skinned Nancy Fitzgerald, while Nancy was still alive and forced everybody to watch.[4] In No Rest for the Wicked Lilith tormented the Freemont family holding them hostage in their house, forcing them to fullfil every demand she had, and inflicting psychological torture, fear, and stress, without even letting them live in the usual way they normally do, while she possessed their daughter. Two demons under torture stated that the torture which the Winchesters could devise would be a fly bite in comparison to Lilith's menthods and feared what Lilith could do, when the Winchesters tried to get information. Ruby stated that if Sam and Dean had faced Lilith she would "peel the meat from their pretty pretty faces."[5]
  • Princes of Hell

Medium-Level Torturers[edit | edit source]

  • Crossroads Demons
    • Crowley - He is skilled enough to extract information from an angel. He also tortured Dr. Visyak but she was able to resist Crowley's attempts into giving him the spell to open Purgatory until Castiel stepped in.
  • Angels
    • Jonah - He took part in torturing Castiel and once mentioned that he studied torture under Naomi.
  • Demons
    • Meg - She apprenticed under Alastair and was able to torture Crowley.

Low-Level Torturers[edit | edit source]

Humans[edit | edit source]

Unknown-Level Torturers[edit | edit source]

  • Belphegor - He was stated to enjoy it, but his experience in the art was never mentioned.[6]

References[edit | edit source]

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