Top Notch Wrestling is a once highly successful famous wrestling company.


When Sam and Dean Winchester were children, their father would often take them to see Top Notch shows with John being a particular fan of Larry "The Hangman" Lee. Dean ended up becoming a huge fan of Gunner Lawless to the point that he broke into a family's house to steal their Pay Per View in order to watch Gunner's match with The Tower of Power. At the same time, "Superbomb" Sanchez's manager Rio became Sam's first crush.

At some point, Rio went from managing one of the wrestlers to owning the company and occasionally calling a few matches. In 2006, in order to get a second chance at a title belt, Gunner made a deal with the Crossroad Demon Duke that allowed him to win the belt. However, he only held the title for about a week.

By 2016, Top Notch Wrestling was far less popular and Rio was forced to use locals for the setups and vendors as she could only afford to travel her wrestlers. With the return of the archangel Lucifer to ruling Hell and the release of The Darkness, the Crossroad Demon Duke offered to let Gunner live and not have hellhounds drag his soul to Hell if Gunner would help him kill people and collect their souls for Duke's "nest egg." At every stop on the Top Notch tour starting in Shreveport, Louisiana, Duke had Gunner kill someone for him.

During a stop in Branson, Missouri, Top Notch hosted a show where The Hangman wrestled Shawn Harley while drunk and won, leading to the two getting into a fight in the locker room. Shortly afterwards, The Hangman was hung with his own rope by Gunner and his soul was stolen. News of the death reached the Winchesters who decided to attend The Hangman's wake and memorial show, only to have an audience member end up Duke's next victim. Investigating, the Winchesters found all of the other murders connected to the Top Notch shows and realized that they were dealing with a demon.

After the death of Shawn Harley when he wouldn't join Duke's operation, the Winchesters confronted Duke and Gunner at the hall Top Notch was using to host its matches. During the confrontation that followed, Gunner turned on Duke and helped the Winchesters by killing the demon for them. Gunner was subsequently torn apart by hellhounds with Duke no longer around to keep them at bay.

Known MembersEdit

  • Rio (current owner)
  • "Superbomb" Sanchez (wrestler, formerly, mentioned only)
  • "The Scream" Casey Lyons (wrestler)
  • "Wrecking Ball" Calhoon (wrestler)
  • "The Brooklyn Beast" (wrestler)
  • "The Tower of Power" (wrestler, formerly, mentioned only)
  • Larry "The Hangman" Lee (wrestler, deceased)
  • Shawn Harley (wrestler, deceased)
  • Gunner Lawless (wrestler, deceased)



  • Comments made by various characters show that Top Notch Wrestling was once incredibly popular as far back as 2006. Gunner Lawless mentions wanting another chance at a title belt that would come with "50,000 people screaming my name." In 2016, the Winchesters commented on how Top Notch shows "used to be a little more top notch."
  • While at Larry Lee's memorial show, Sam mentions that he learned that the company is only making twenty-five dollars total that night. This and the lessened crowd at the shows and the fact that Rio can only afford to travel her wrestlers indicate that the company has lost its popularity over the years somehow.
  • The first stop of the tour the company embarked upon during the Darkness' tenure on Earth was in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is also where the American branch of the Styne Family was based before Dean wiped them out.
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