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This unnamed tooth fairy was a type of fairy that the dentist, and later hunter Garth killed on his first "hunt".


Season 8[]

Dean: What, you... you were a dentist?
Garth: Yeah, just for, like, a hot minute. Where'd you think I got my first case?
Dean: Let me guess, tooth fairy.
Garth: Yeah. Man, I felt terrible when I ganked that sob.
Sam: Uh, you killed the tooth fairy?
Garth: Yeah, man. I mean, not my proudest moment, but it happened.

In Southern Comfort, Garth sadly mentions that he has killed a tooth fairy on his first hunt, while Sam and Dean look at him with surprised faces since not even they believed in tooth faries at the time.

Season 15[]

Garth: Like Sam, I was getting my degree when the whole hunter thing happened and I, you know...
Dean: ...killed the tooth fairy?
Garth: She had it coming.
— Garth and Dean
in The Heroes' Journey

In The Heroes' Journey, while giving medical attention to Dean's teeth, Dean doubts of Garth's capabilities as a dentist, Garth then mentions that he got back to school and got his degree after retiring despite his studies being interrupted early in his life by his hunter life, Dean then mentions the tooth fairy case, Garth then firmly states that the fairy he killed deserved it.



  • According to Garth, this fairy was a female.
  • In Southern Comfort, Garth says that he felt terrible after killing a tooth fairy and that was not his proudest moment, however in The Heroes' Journey, it appears that he has accepted his actions and doesn't feel bad about it anymore, stating firmly that the tooth fairy he killed "had it coming."