The Too Tired Motel is a motel located on Main Street in Hudson, Ohio.


While investigating the murder of 19-year old babysitter Staci Altman, the Winchesters checked into the Too Tired Motel. After Dean returned from an unsuccessful attempt to hook up at a bar, Melissa Harper arrived to seek help from the Winchesters because of the monster chasing her. Sam ultimately determined that Melissa had inadvertently cast a curse that had caused Staci, her husband and now Melissa to be targeted. At that point, Sonja's Qareen threw a cinderblock through the patio window and broke in to kill Melissa. After Dean transferred the curse to himself, the three escaped from the motel.

The next morning, the Winchesters returned to the motel after killing Sonja and her Qareen. Before leaving, Dean placed the cinderblock the monster used to break the window on a chair with some money under it to fix the damage.


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