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Tonya Baker. Yeah, you knew her. You saved her life. Yeah, her whole Girl Scout troop was murdered. She was the only survivor, thanks to you. These two demons were about to finish her off and then you came in and you chased one away but you faced off against the other one, a demon named Abraxas.
Nick talks with Mary Winchester about Tonya.
in Damaged Goods

Tonya Baker was a young girl who became a target of the sadistic demon Abraxas.


While on a trip with her Girl Scout troop, Tonya and the other girls came under attack by the demon Abraxas and his friend. The two demons slaughtered the troop "bloody, brutal, slow" until only Tonya was left. Before she could be killed, hunter Mary Winchester arrived and saved her life, driving off one demon and capturing Abraxas in an Enochian Puzzle Box.

While searching for Abraxas for revenge for his family, Nick learned of what happened to Tonya and her Girl Scout troop. Nick captured the second demon who pointed him to Mary Winchester before Nick killed the demon. After kidnapping Mary, Nick reminded her of Tonya and what Mary did for the little girl. Mary admitted that she remembered the incident, but lied that she had killed Abraxas instead of trapping him which Nick knew was false.