You can't... you can't do this! I'm doing God's work, I'm carrying out his orders! (...) I've, I've been chosen. I hear his voice in my head.
— An insane Tony explains his actions
in Prophet and Loss

Antonio "Tony" Alvarez was a young man who became a malformed Prophet due to Donatello Redfield's state between life and death.

History[edit | edit source]

Growing up in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Tony was very religious and always quoted things that apparently came from the Bible. He was close friends with another young man named Alan.

At some point in either 2018 or 2019 after Donatello Redfield was rendered brain dead, Tony was called as the next Prophet. He got an Enochian tattoo on his arm reading "the Word" and was noted by Alan's brother Eddie to have become weird. However, Donatello not actually being dead but rather in a state between life and death resulted in Tony being malformed with a link between himself and Donatello. That link later drove Tony insane when Donatello's mind began trying to rebuild itself and as a result of Donatello's mind trying to organize his memories and the Words of God, Donatello began Enochian mutterings that matched the Word of God and divine retributions. Tony heard Donatello's mutterings and came to believe that God was actually talking to him and compelling Tony to carry out reenactments of divine retributions.

Tony recorded both the Enochian and English translations of what he heard on the walls of his home and began stalking people that would match the criteria Tony felt he needed to follow. Tony eventually kidnapped a young woman and took her to Sphinx Machine Shop where Tony filled a pool of water with salt and slit open the woman's wrists to fill it with blood in order to reenact the drowning of Egyptians in the Red Sea. After his first murder, Tony kidnapped his old friend Alan and slit his throat to reenact the slaughter of first born sons, muttering relevant Biblical verses as he committed the murders. Each time, Tony carved "I am the Word" into their chests in Enochian before dumping their bodies elsewhere.

Tony's murders drew the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who learned about Tony from Alan's brother Eddie. After seeing a picture of Tony's Enochian tattoo, Dean contacted Castiel who identified Tony as the next Prophet in line after Donatello. As Donatello was still alive, the Winchesters were left confused by how Tony could've been called as a Prophet. Searching Tony's home, they found his scribblings which the Winchesters used to piece together what Tony was up to. Tony's scribblings read that next would "and there went out fire from the Lord and devoured them." From a box in one of Tony's pictures of the woman he drowned, Dean discovered Tony's use of the Sphinx Machine Shop.

At the shop, Tony had already kidnapped his next victim, an Asian man, and prepared to burn him alive. Tony ignored the man's pleas for his life and began muttering Biblical verses as he poured a trail of gasoline away from the man. Tony ignited the gasoline, but the Winchesters arrived and Dean smothered the fire and cut the man free as Sam overpowered Tony and began strangling him from behind. Dean stopped Sam from killing Tony who insisted that they couldn't stop him as Tony was doing God's work. When Dean asked what Tony currently heard, he admitted he heard nothing. Sam and Dean told Tony that whatever it was he heard, it wasn't God and he had murdered innocent people. Tony was consumed by flashbacks of his murders while Dean stated that Tony wasn't chosen, just psycho.

As Sam and Dean discussed whether Tony could've been picking up a vibe of some sort from Donatello, Tony was consumed with denial. Tony tackled Dean and managed to steal Dean's gun. Before the horrified Winchesters, Tony pointed the gun beneath his chin and blew his own brains out, committing suicide.

Tony's suicide

In the aftermath of Tony's suicide, Castiel theorized that Tony was called because while Donatello wasn't dead, his state of being between life and death caused the next Prophet to be called before his time. As Donatello's state upset the Natural Order, it may have created a Prophet that was not only premature, but malformed. Tony's malformed state caused the Winchesters to realize that the next Prophets to be called would be left in the same state as long as Donatello was still alive to disrupt the Prophet line.

Though the Winchesters and Castiel intended to remove Donatello from life support, they discovered that he was muttering the same things that Tony was and Castiel realized that Donatello's mind was trying to rebuild itself, which was what Tony was picking up on. This revelation allowed Castiel to fix Donatello's mind and end the problem with the Prophet line without killing him.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Tony presumably had all the powers of a Prophet.

  • Multi-language - Like Donatello and Kevin Tran, Tony knew fluent Enochian though his malformed state made his interpretation of it twisted.
  • Connection to Donatello Redfield - Due to the nature of his creation as a Prophet, Tony had a connection to the comatose previous Prophet Donatello Redfield and heard Donatello's mutterings as he attempted to rebuild his mind which Tony believed to be God speaking to him.

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