This unnamed young boy is the son of British Woman of Letters Toni Bevell.


Season 11Edit

In Alpha and Omega, Toni returns home from an unspecified mission only to be alerted of another supernatural occurrence: the sun is dimming. Toni is dispatched to America, forcing her to leave her son. She visits him in his bedroom and kisses him on the forehead, choosing not to wake him up. She informs Anna (Alpha and Omega) that "it is better this way" and that her son should be told that Toni will return as soon as she can.

Season 12Edit

In "Keep Calm and Carry On", Toni is on the phone with her son. Telling him that she misses him too, and that she will be home soon. She tells him she loves him so so much. Meanwhile, Sam Winchester is in the next room, tied to a chair. Where she will later torture him for information on American hunters.

In Who We Are, in exchange for helping to save Mary Winchester, Toni asks Dean not for a free pass, but for a head start. Toni tells Dean she wants to see her son one last time before she dies. Dean appears to acquiesce to this request, but Toni is killed soon afterwards by Arthur Ketch.


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