Tommy Tolliver was a serial killer.

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Tommy was a murderer who killed nine people, one of them was a woman named Amanda. The state could only prosecute him for six. He was convicted back in '09.

While in prison, he often taunted the guards, going so far as to promise suffering upon their wives. In two weeks, Tommy was expected to be executed..

However, Cain arrived with the intent to kill Tommy. He snuck into Tommy's cell, and told Tommy they were alike, as they were both killers. Tommy tried to attack, but was no match for Cain, who impaled him with a knife before teleporting them away, leaving only a drop of blood behind.

The press and mainstream media both accused the warden and the prison for misconduct, while the tabloids heavily assumed that Tommy pulled off some dark magic to escape. Fortunately, the guards caught Cain on the security footage, enabling Sam and Dean to figure out the real culprit.

Castiel, meanwhile, discovered that Tommy had been killed and buried in a fresh grave, alongside his relatives.

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  • As Tommy was a descendant of Cain, Tommy was also distantly related to the Winchester Family, though this fact is never brought up.
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