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Tommy McClane was one of descendant of unknown Lousiana witch that procured Judas's Noose in the past. Being tempted by noose's power and subsequently corrupted by his own magical power, he allied with demons in order to unleash the noose's power. His act enabling him to be possessed by one of high ranking Lucifer loyalist demon, unknowingly also make him as part of demon's plan to stir up the Apocalypse.


Tommy McClane was born into McClane family, descendant of an unknown Lousiana witch that procured Judas's Noose. During his college time, he awakened his magical power and honed himself Hoodoo art. At some point, he learned that his ancestor procured the Judas's Noose and he wanted it for power.

He approached Daniels family many times, including eventually to his relative, Jacqueline "Jackie" Daniels. He asked to take the noose out from the safekeeping, all to no avail. Eventually he allied himself to demons, enabling him to be possessed by one of Lucifer loyalist. The demon later set various events that involving the recreation of Judas's Noose, which was inspired by local folklore about the noose recreation and usage by Jubal Beauchamp during Civil War in 1862. Echoing the condition at that time resulted in awakening of Moa'ah that dormant in the Missouri's Ridge's land, since the land was one of Civil War battlefield. He also retrieved the noose at some point.

Soon, the re-enactment become gory and too real, thanks to Moa'ah influence and demon works. This gained attention of Sam, Dean, and Castiel to investigate.

Tommy and his son able to lure Sam into trap, while their demons can make Dean, Castiel, Jackie and others busy with possession that caused the war re-enactment became real war in the town, effectively separating them from Sam. They nearly able to forced Sam to wear the original Judas's Noose. Dean realized that the war in the town was decoy and teamed with Jackie to looking for Sam. They found Sam cornered by Tommy and his demon army. Dean exorcised them all. All the demon exorcised, including from Nate. Tommy, however escaped from the scene, thanks to his demon immunity against exorcism.

Growing impatient, Tommy unleashed all Moa'ah inside the noose, causing more chaos. Moa'ah inside it granted more power to Tommy. However, his body unable to cope with the sheer amount of power and overstrained, expanding his body to the point that it nearly ruptured. The noose could be retake by Dean and giving it to Jackie. Jackie later remembered that in order to suppress the noose power, it should be returned to its sealing room. Jackie later able to cast it back, suppressing the noose power.

Tommy later encountered by Dean and they brawled. Dean won the brawl and able to retrieve his Demon-Killing Knife. He later plunged the knife to Tommy's heart, exploding him along with the demon and Moa'ah that possessed him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite not truly witch, Tommy was proficient in Hoodoo, thanks to his lineage. However, his power hungry drew him to commit reckless acts, causing a high ranking demon came after him and possessed him, granting more power but with twists. By unleashing Moa'ah inside the noose also enhanced his power, however his body cannot cope with sheer amount of its power, caused his body to crumble nearly before his death. After Jackie sealed the noose, he lost some of his power granted by it.

  • Magic - Tommy mastered Hoodoo-based magic. Honed his skill since young age, his mastery in Hoodoo enabling him to make protection spells and spirit binding charm.
  • Supernatural Awareness - Tommy was well versed in Hoodoo magic and also aware about the original Judas's Noose power. He also aware about demons, and somehow established contact with them.
  • Immunity (through demon possession) - Being possessed by a high-ranking demon enhanced his body immunity against most harm.
  • Demon Control (through demon possession) - Being possessed by a high-ranking demon enabling him to control hundred demons at once and summoned them to assist him.
  • Super Strength (through noose power) - Granted by unleashing Moa'ah inside the noose, it grant more power to him. Lost soon after Judas's Noose resealing.
  • Resilience - Tommy body quite resilient to hold a high-ranking demon. However, it cannot hold too much power granted by Judas's Noose, as his body started to crumble due to overstraining.


  • Mortality - Tommy still affected by mortality.
  • Overstraining - Despite Tommy's body quite resilient, the sheer amount of Moa'ah power was too much for him, crumbling his body in process.
  • Demon-Killing Knife - Tommy was killed by it, exploding his body.


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