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Look... I been around all stripes of Vince, all right? Drunk Vince, depressed Vince, megalomaniacal 'I'm a golden god' Vince. The Vince who threw me through that door... that wasn't him.
Tommy to Castiel
in The Foundry

Tommy is a bandmate of Vince Vincente.


After performing a successful show, Tommy offers Vince to go party with him and the gang. Vince declines, and Tommy quickly realizes it's because Vince still misses Jen. Tommy tries to get Vince to move on for Jen's sake, but he is brushed off.

By morning, Tommy comes to see Vince at his apartment, and urges his friend to get ready for their next gig. Vince tells him he has other plans, but Tommy insists that Vince should stop fooling around.

In retaliation, Vince punches Tommy, sending him crashing through the door. Tommy lies unconscious on the floor, unaware that by this point, Vince is possessed by the archangel Lucifer.

Later on, Castiel pays Tommy a visit to ask about Vince's whereabouts, under the alias of "Agent Beyonce". Tommy agrees to call him if he hears anything.

In Rock Never Dies, Lucifer reunites Vince's band as part of a plan to kill many people. Though Tommy is unsettled by Lucifer's antics, he refuses to help Castiel find the location for the concert due to needing the money to support his family. However, after witnessing Lucifer kill his manager, Tommy texts Castiel the location, allowing the Winchesters to save Lucifer's intended victims. Before beginning the planned massacre, Lucifer kills two members of his band in front of Tommy before turning on him. Before Lucifer can kill Tommy, he is stopped by Castiel and Crowley who engage the rogue archangel to no effect. After beating the two, Lucifer turns back to Tommy and snaps his neck with telekinesis.