This unnamed demon along with numerous other demons under the orders of the White-eyed Demon Lilith possessed people in the neighborhood of the Fremont family while she was possessing the Fremont Daughter. This demon chose to possess the Fremont's neighbor, Tom Wepram.


Season 3Edit

While numerous other demons possessed people in the Fremont family's neighborhood, this demon chose to possess Tom Wepram, the Fremont family, neighbor.

While placing mail in his mail box this demon was greeted by Pat Fremont. Pat shook hands with the demon and discreetly gave him a note that said help us, unknowing that Tom was possessed. This demon later informed Lilith of this and she killed Pat.

After arriving in town to kill Lilith hunters Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, and Bobby Singer hid in a abandoned house in the neighborhood and did recon before attempting to kill Lilith. Dean shows them that Tom and the mailman are demons. Tom was shown reading a book and smoking a tobacco pipe through Sam's binoculars.

After Sam and Dean dispatched the mailman, they managed to lure this demon out of his house and Sam killed him with the Demon-Killing Knife.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This demon appeared to be a low-ranking demon, with all the powers of one.

  • Demonic Possession - He was able to possess a human without their consent in order to walk the Earth.


He possessed weaknesses inherent in all demons.


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