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Tom was a black-eyed demon who served the Prince of Hell Azazel, his supposed father.


Early History[]

Tom's background is almost completely unknown. However, he, like Meg, is known to have been Azazel's servant. Azazel referred to both Tom and Meg as his "children" who were "people very special to [him]" and Tom specifically as his "boy", indicating that Azazel and Tom shared a father-son relationship. Azazel cared greatly for Tom, showing anger over his death and trying to kill Dean to avenge Tom and punish Dean for mocking Tom's death. As Azazel referred to Meg as his "daughter" as well, Tom and Meg were thus brother and sister. However, Tom did not seem to care much for Meg, as he risked her life in testing the fake Colt without hesitation and showed no remorse over it.

Season 1[]


Tom holding the fake Colt.

Tom joined Meg at an old factory in Lincoln, Nebraska. His presence there appears to have been meant to prevent John from simply killing Meg with the Colt rather than give it to her. Meg did not reveal much about him when John asked who he was, saying only that Tom was "less fun than me." After John gave Meg the Colt, she gave it to Tom to inspect and, much to her surprise, he shot her with it, proving it to be a fake when she did not die. He and Meg then set off in pursuit of a fleeing John, who managed to eventually bar their path using holy water; Tom tried to pass, but had to retreat due to the pain that walking on holy water caused him. However, he circled around and captured John outside of the warehouse by pinning him to a wall using telekinesis.[1]

Tom's corpse, Devil's Trap 1

Tom's dead vessel.

Tom was present at Sunrise Apartments in Jefferson City, Missouri, where he and the other demons were keeping John. When Sam and Dean saved their father (who, unbeknownst to them, was now possessed by Azazel), Tom once more ambushed them and attacked Sam, beating him bloody; when Dean first tried to stop him by kicking him in the face, Tom was unfazed and flung Dean into a nearby car with telekinesis. Tom was killed when Dean shot him in the head with the Colt to save Sam.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Tom demonstrated several powers common to most demons. He was subservient to Azazel and seemed to be either on par with Meg in terms of power and rank or slightly above her.

  • Telekinesis - Tom had impressive telekinetic power comparable to Azazel's. He flung John into a wall and kept him unable to move while at the same time moving him up the wall, similar to how Azazel moved the slain mothers of his Special Children onto the ceiling. Tom was able to throw Dean into a car windshield with a mere look, throwing Dean with such force that the windshield broke upon impact.
  • Invulnerability - Tom was barely affected by physical pain. He reacted only with irritation when Dean kicked him in the face.
  • Super Strength - Tom brutally beat Sam. He would have certainly killed Sam had Dean not saved him. 
  • Possession - Tom used an unnamed man as his human host. This man was killed alongside the demon when Dean shot and killed him with the Colt.


Tom has all of the weaknesses common to most demons.

  • High-tier Demons - He was subservient to Azazel.
  • Holy water - Tom was vulnerable to holy water. When he attempted to cross it, it burned so badly that even his shoes began to smoke and Tom leaped back in pain.
  • The Colt - Tom was killed when Dean shot him in the head with the Colt.


Killed By[]

As Tom beat on Sam, Dean shot him through the head with the Colt, killing Tom.




  • Tom only had a single line of dialogue during the two episodes he appears in. The line was "It's a fake!"
  • Tom is the first demon to actually die on the show. He was killed by Dean with the Colt. Dean later felt guilt and horror over having killed Tom's vessel.
  • Tom's father, Azazel, was later killed by Dean with the Colt as well.
  • This is the first demon ever killed by Dean Winchester.
  • Tom's name was not revealed in the episode itself. However, this is the role his actor, Sebastian Spence, is officially credited with playing in Supernatural and thus the name of either the demon himself or the host whom he was possessing.


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