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Tinks are a type of fairy.

Physical Appearance[]

At first, they appear to just be hovering orbs of bright light, but they are actually little beings that are naked, beautiful women with wings that shine like tinkles. It seems that they can get really angry when someone noted that they are naked, as Dean Winchester did and the Tink began to attack him - though it is possible that it was sent to attack him in the first place.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Flight - They can fly and move very quickly through the air using their wings.
  • Super strength - They are exceptionally strong for being very small, being able to knock grown-men around.
  • Invisibility - All fairies are invisible and can only be seen if they want to or by those who have been to Avalon.
  • Diminutive Size - Used mostly as a advantage since that they also can fly, it is very difficult to hit them, however it is also a weakness since they can be trapped in microwaves for example, and killed very easily once captured. For some reason Tinks don't wear any clothes but are still ashamed and angry when someone sees their nude body, however their nudity is hidden due to their size and natural glowing.


  • Radiation - If a tink, and possibly all fairies, is exposed to enough radiation, they will explode.
  • Grained Substances - If a grained substance is poured in front of them, they are forced to count each individual grain.
  • Iron - Iron is very harmful to fairies, therefore including tinks .
  • Cream - Fairies love cream, and it can be a way to easily appease one.
  • Involuntary Glow - Besides their small size, the yellow light that is emitted by their body at all times even though hides their nudity, gives away their location.

Known Tinks[]