Well, here's to, uh, crappy childhoods.
— Tina

Tina was a resident of Pendleton, Oregon and a regular at the Round-Up, a dive bar.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Tina spent her first childhood wandering from motel to motel with her deadbeat father. One stop was a three-month stay in the Royale Motel in Scranton where she lived on tic tacs and rice because her father squandered their money, in the end they were thrown out. Tina settled down eventually but had three failed marriages and got herself into debt.

Season 10[edit | edit source]

When Dean arrived in the Round-Up, Tina was sat nearby and began a conversation with him, she knew JP, the disappeared man whose case brought the Winchesters to the town, and revealed he spent his days here.

Teenage Tina

After spending a day with Dean at the Round-Up swapping stories, she was intercepted by Hansel in the car park who used a hex bag to rejuvenate her to her tween or young teenage years, and teleport her to the witch's house. She was trapped in a basement sharing a cell with a rejuvenated JP and eventually joined by Dean. Hansel took JP away, as he did, Tina attempted to stop him but was overpowered. shortly afterwards, Hansel served her and Dean some cake.

Dean successfully escaped with Tina creating a distraction, though she remained a captive until Hansel took her to Katja who intended to eat her and revealed she had turned JP into soup. The Winchesters stopped the witch and freed Tina but destroyed the Hex Bag required to restore her to adulthood. Though they offered to find an alternative, Tina opted to stay youthful as a second chance at life, citing her crappy adulthood as the reason.

The Winchesters gave her all their money on hand, got her some clothes and a bus ticket for a bus headed for Salem.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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