Timothy was a friend and classmate of Mick Davies.


In 1987, Timothy was a student at Kendricks Academy. While there, he befriended Mick Davies, a fellow student. When Headmistress Hess called them to her office, she presented them with a task: one must kill the other in order to leave the room.

Timothy wanted to flee, but Mick chose to pick up the blade and stab his friend to death. Although Mick's actions pleased Hess, Mick himself would be haunted by his actions for many years to come. Before his own death, Mick would confront Doctor Hess about Timothy's murder and how he was not the same scared boy that followed the code and killed his best friend.



  • Timothy is the first person killed by Mick Davies, followed by Hayden Foster. Mick killed both of them because the British Men of Letters protocol required him to. After losing faith in the The Code, Mick came to regret both murders. 
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