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Till Death Do Us Part is the sixth episode of Supernatural: The Animation.

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Sam is shown placing flowers by Jessica's grave, while Dean waits outside the graveyard. The episode later shifts backwards to about three years ago, when John introduces Dean to a case involving Bloody Mary, an urban legend, which he believes to be the cause of a young woman's mysterious death.

The newspaper reports the woman went crazy and scratched her own eyes out, rendering the case closed. John however, finds too many similarities with the case and Bloody Mary, and decides to investigate. Since they are going to Stanford, Dean wants Sam to help show them around, but John refuses, saying Sam has his own life and should focus on studying.

At Stanford, Sam is studying in a cafe when a young woman approaches him, offering to sit with him since she noticed he always sits alone in lecture halls. The woman is surprised to find that Sam does not recognize her, despite sharing a number of classes. Sam begins to apologize, but the woman introduces herself, saying her name is Jessica Moore.

The two proceed to talk, with Sam admitting he has no friends because he's not used getting close to people. He explains how he, his father and his brother never stayed in one place too long so he never really learned how to make friends. He was also taught to avoid getting close to anyone because he'll end up making them sad.

Elsewhere, Dean and John are searching the victim's house, and find many objects duct-tapped such as lamps and mirrors. John deduces that the victim, Evelyn, was scared of anything that showed a reflection, noting how in the East mirrors were believed to connect our world to the spirit world, and can summon ghosts.

Dean notices a voice mail from a friend of Evelyn who talks about Bloody Mary and not wanting to hear more about it. Dean writes down the name and phone number and the two head to see this friend.

Sam and Jessica continue to talk, this time in a location after they came close to a reporter asking about the recent case. Jessica reveals to Sam that she and Evelyn were close as kids. The day before Evelyn died, she called Jessica and talked about Bloody Mary. Jessica thought she was joking, and didn't take her seriously, but now she regrets not trying to help her friend. Sam feels sympathetic.

Young Jessica playing Bloody Mary with her friends (Anime)

Young Jessica playing Bloody Mary with her friends.

Elsewhere, John and Dean talk to the third friend, and also hear about the same story. The friend believes it was her "overactive imagination", thinking she saw a ghost of a woman, but as she speaks, she sees strange eyes looking back at her in the reflection of her drink.

This friend is later killed, and her death leaves Jessica very upset. Sam decides to investigate, unaware that he enters the same library as John and Dean, who are trying to figure out the identity of Bloody Mary. Sam finds a book which answers this.

That night, Jessica is attacked in her room, but Sam manages to arrive in time and chase off the ghost using salt. He takes Jessica elsewhere, but the ghost has somehow possessed him, and escapes him to attack Jessica again.

Bloody Mary appears (Anime)

Bloody Mary appears.

Sam lies on the ground, defenseless and eyes bleeding, while John and Dean locate Bloody Mary's remains and salt and burn them, thus saving Jessica.

The following morning, life returns to normal for Sam and Jessica. John and Dean watch the pair from a distance, and both agree not to disturb Sam. As they drive off, Sam spots the Impala.

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