These two unnamed men were Thule members and were tasked with guarding the airplane hangar where the ritual "Das Blut" was being performed.

History Edit

After Christoph Nauhaus fails to capture Ellie Grant and is taken captive by Sam and Dean Winchester his father Nauhaus goes looking for him. Wolfgang and one of the Thule Hangar Guards accompany Nauhaus.

Nauhaus manages to track down Ellie using a tracking spell. Wolfgang and the Thule Hangar Guard free Christoph and fight the Winchesters. Both Thules proved to be skilled fighters and fought on par with the Winchesters. Both Thules leave the fight after being radioed to leave. Nauhaus later captured Ellie after she fled the building Christoph was being held in.

After Nauhaus captured Ellie Grant she was taken to an airplane hangar the Thules were using. They planned to use her as part of a ritual to resurrect Adolf Hitler. These two Thules were tasked with guarding the entrance of the hangar to prevent anyone from stopping the ritual.

Sam and Dean Winchester arrived at the airplane hanger to prevent the ritual from happening after being told where it was happening from Christoph Nauhaus. These two Thules were then taken out by Sam and Dean who crept behind them and snapped their necks.

Sam and Dean then entered the hangar to stop the ritual but are captured by the Thule High Command who take them before Hitler who had already been resurrected before they could stop the ritual. Despite being captured Sam and Dean managed to kill all of the Thules including Adolf Hitler thanks to a distraction caused by Ellie. The bodies of these two Thules were then burned alongside the other dead Thules to prevent them from being resurrected.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

They possessed the typical abilities of one of the Thule.

  • Immortality - Due to the nature of their necromancy, Thule members are effectively immortal unless their bodies are burned. They also don't age.
    • Self-Resurrection - As a result of the Thule experiments into immortality, if a Thule's body isn't burned within 12 hours of his death, they will automatically resurrect themselves.
  • Skilled martial artist/Hand-to-hand fighter - One of the Thule Hangar Guards proved to be a skilled fighter while fighting Dean Winchester and managed to fight on par with him.


  • Neck Snapping - The Winchesters were able to temporarily kill them by snapping their necks.
  • Fire - The only way to permanently kill a Thule was to burn their bodies within 12 hours of death.


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