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Thermokinesis is the ability to make something hot or cold. The more adept or deft with this ability can affect very specific areas of objects.  

Characters with this ability[]

  • Archangels
    • Lucifer - Lucifer was able to cause a massive drop in temperature in Detroit, causing windows he was near to frost over. Also caused a pair of Supernatural Handcuffs to heat up until they popped off of his wrist.
    • Michael - He was able to cause the knob on the door of the green room burn white-hot to stop Sam and Dean saving Adam. He was also able to incinerate Anna into a pile of ashes in a matter of seconds.
    • Gabriel - He was able to destroy all warding at the resistance camp in the Apocalypse World.
    • Alternate Michael - He was able to create enough heat to melt the Hyperbolic pulse generator.
  • Demons
    • Azazel - Azazel's presence was enough to cause massive temperature fluctuations.
    • Crowley - Crowley can give humans burns by touching them. He can also make objects generate extreme heat without touching them, as seen when he made the demon-killing knife's handle turn red-hot and burn Dean (who was holding it) to make him instinctively drop it.
    • Lilith - Lilith had the ability to generate extreme heat, burning away a portion of a chalk-drawn devil's trap with a touch and scalding Sam with a kiss. She also melted the Equalizer into liquid just by holding it.
    • Dagon - Dagon heated up the Colt to the point of that the barrel fell off.
  • Leshi - While mimicking the characteristics of a ghost, it could make the area within its presence temperature massively drop.
  • Ghosts - The presence of a ghost can (and most often does) cause a massive temperature drop.
    • Bobby Singer - After learning how to properly use his ghostly powers, Bobby was able to freeze a set of glass doors with a touch to the point that they shattered.
    • Hugo Moriarty - Due to the number of souls he controlled and the power he drew from it, Hugo was able to freeze people's hearts solid with a touch.
    • Lucas Kellinger - Lucas' touch caused frostbite to form in the shape of his handprint.
    • Fiona Duncan - Fiona was able to cause water coming from a faucet to freeze solid.
  • Death - Caused his scythe to turn burning hot so Dean would drop it.
  • Dragons - They could generate intense heat from their hands. These temperatures are hot enough to melt metals like iron, or even incinerate humans with their touch.
  • Phoenix - They could incinerate anyone/anything with a single touch, their ability being is so strong that they can reduce a whole man to ashes in seconds.
  • Witches and other magic practitioners
    • Rowena MacLeod - Rowena burned a message into a cabinet door near them to get a message to the Winchesters and her son Crowley.
    • Cuthbert Sinclair - Cuthbert was able to cast a spell to heat Dean's machete to make him instinctively drop it.
  • Nephilim
    • Jack Kline - Jack was able to heat up the bars of a window to the point that they melted.


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