There Will Be Blood is the 22nd episode of Season 7. It aired on May 11th, 2012.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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In order to defeat Dick Roman (guest star James Patrick Stuart) and the Leviathans, Sam and Dean must locate three key items. Castiel helps with one but for the last objects, the Winchesters must face two of their strongest opponents: an Alpha (guest star Rick Worthy) and Crowley (guest star Mark Sheppard). Meanwhile, Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) tries out a new ghost trick that ends up being very dangerous.


Missoula, MT

The episode begins with a female reporter named Gloria interviewing Dick Roman about his corporation's recent purchase of SucroCorp. Dick promises that his company will keep Americans "living longer and tasting better." Gloria asks if he means the food will taste better. Dick smiles and acknowledges this remark. Throughout the interview, a montage of obese, complacent humans are shown watching the report, while mindlessly eating their food. The Leviathans' sinister agenda is already moving forward...

Afterwards, Dick orders Susan to have a Leviathan replace Gloria and become their representative in the media while he examines the Word of God tablet. He then goes to see Kevin Tran, who he's holding prisoner, and tries to get him to translate the Word. After his bribe with a letter of recommendation to Princeton doesn't work, Dick has Edgar threaten to kill Kevin's mom whom they have also kidnapped. Kevin gets to work - again.

Hoople, ND

Meanwhile, the Winchesters are back at the cabin trying to figure out the meaning of the Word. In the bathroom, Bobby reappears and tells Dean that the other two ingredients they need, besides the blood of a fallen angel, are Crowley's blood and blood from an alpha monster. He gets a bit angry and even cracks the mirror and slams a laptop's lid shut, but insists he's OK. The brothers decide to summon Crowley. Back at SucroCorp, Kevin has finished translating the Word and Edgar orders for his mom to be released. Dick, however, does not let Kevin go, but tells Edgar to pay an old friend of his a visit.

At the cabin, Crowley agrees to give Dean and Sam his blood, but only when they've got all the other components for the Leviathan-killing weapon. His reason: he doesn't want his enemies to get their hands on his blood. He also mentions that obtaining blood from an angel will probably be the hardest to acquire, unaware that Castiel is alive and that he gave his blood to the brothers already. Crowley disappears, leaving behind the location of the very much alive Alpha Vampire: Hoople, ND. While on their way there, Sam and Dean stop at a gas station for some food. They begin to discuss about Bobby's situation and start to notice that all of the people around them seem to be stoned. They realize that they're high from the corn syrup in the foods they're eating, just like the people who ate the Turducken sandwiches at Biggersons. Dean starts to freak out, asking Sam what he's supposed to eat from now on and Sam shows him bananas and water.

They finally reach the Alpha Vamp's lair and Bobby goes inside to do a little recon. He tells the brothers there's something they need to see: the bodies of a few dead vampires with burnt mouths. They also find a secret room hidden behind a wall and a young girl inside it. Her name's Emily and she's says she was taken by the Vampire 12 years ago from a playground and has been kept pure all this time for the Alpha Vamp to feed on as a delicacy. She explains how the vampires, except for one who is now hunting animals, in the next room all died: they fed on some humans who didn't even put up a fight. Sam reasons that the leviathan-tainted corn syrup is responsible. Emily also reveals that the Vampires have another retreat and offers to take the brothers there. Later, the sole-surviving vampire returns and discovers that Emily is gone. Edgar is there, however, and demands to know where the Alpha Vampire is. The vampire attacks Edgar, who easily subdues him and takes on his form and memories. Once he knows the Alpha's location, Edgar kills the vampire.

The next day while the Winchesters are out shopping for fruits and veggies, Dean points out that they should get some contaminated blood from the people dosed by the corn syrup to use against the vampires rather than using dead man's blood which does not kill them. They take some blood with a syringe from a man on a bench and nobody, not even the man himself, really notices. Later that night, with some guidance from Emily, they find the Alpha's hideout: a manor near a monastery. Vampires stand outside, guarding the place. Dean and Sam drop off Emily at a motel and leave Bobby's flask there as well, in a safe. When they open the door to leave, it slams shut. The bros. assure Emily that it was just the wind and leave, telling Bobby that they'll be back soon. Once they're gone, Emily takes out a cell phone and calls somebody - the Alpha Vampire! She informs him that the Winchesters are coming for him and then leaves the room.

Sam and Dean arrive at the manor and attempt to get inside. Unfortunately, they're jumped by the vampires. Meanwhile, back at the motel room, Bobby suddenly becomes very enraged after seeing Gloria's interview with Dick on the TV. He tries to open the safe and gets really frustrated when he can't, causing everything in the room to shake. The maid, Louise, comes in and Bobby possesses her. He then realizes that the safe combination is his birthday and opens it, taking the flask and leaving to go after Dick.

At the manor, the brothers are taken to the Alpha Vampire. Emily enters the room and reveals that she told the Alpha they were coming, referring to the Alpha as her "daddy." Dean remarks that she has a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome, then claims that they weren't here to kill the Alpha but to talk to him. The Alpha, however, is more interested in taking revenge on them for their grandfather capturing him and selling him to Crowley.

The boys tell the Alpha Vampire about the corn syrup that's making humans stoned and killing vampires, but the Alpha says he is on good terms with the Leviathans - whom he's apparently made an alliance with. Sam tries to get him to understand that the Leviathans are not their friends and that they are making humans poisonous to vampires. He also says they can stop Dick, but they need the Alpha's blood. The Alpha is skeptical that Sam and Dean would actually want to save the vampire race. Dean clarifies that they just don't want humans to go down with the vampires.

A young human boy named Allan comes in (much to Dean's disgust) and tells the Alpha that Edgar is here to see him. He orders his vampires to lock the brothers up in the study without their weapons. The Alpha seems skeptical of their claims before Edgar show up and immediately senses that the Winchesters are there.

Sam figures that the Alpha is giving the Leviathans the benefit of the doubt. Dean points out that Edgar will just most likely get rid of him. He also reveals that he has hidden a syringe of corn syrup tainted blood in his shoe and hands Sam a needle to pick the lock on the door. When they get out, they're attacked by a vampire, who they easily kill with the contaminated blood. In the meantime, Edgar tells the Alpha that his vampires being killed by the food additive was a mistake. The Alpha wants to know why he hasn't seen Dick in a while and Edgar gives him the truth: the food additive will kill any monster that feeds on humans except for Leviathan, which is exactly what they want. The Alpha Vamp pushes Edgar, who pushes back. The Alpha angrily protests that they are related species and that he is a son of Eve. Edgar retorts that Eve was nothing but a pathetic mutt and a whore. Furious, the Alpha throws borax in Edgar's face, burning him. Edgar, however, recovers, knocks the vampire to the floor, and tries to kill him and take all his blood. Just then, Dean arrives and distracts him long enough for Sam to sneak up behind and decapitate him. The Alpha Vampire gives the brothers his blood as thanks for stopping Edgar and even releases Allen, too. He taunts them, saying they hate to leave unfinished business, but Dean promises they'll meet up again and kill him.

They return Allen to his parents and go back to the motel to find out that Bobby is gone, along with his flask, with no idea how to track him down. Dean points out sadly, that they've got no allies now, save for Crowley. Unfortunately, however, Crowley is summoned into a Devil's Trap by Dick Roman. Dick greets him and then tells him to sit down, as they have a lot to talk about...


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  • Antagonists: Dick Roman, Edgar and Crowley
  • The episode title could be a reference to the 2007 movie of the same name.
  • The title is somewhat similar to that of the penultimate episode of Season 6, titled Let It Bleed.
  • The portrait in the Alpha Vampire's mansion of Michael defeating Lucifer is identical to the one seen in the Green Room in Lucifer Rising.
  • The book Sam finds that is concealing the button that unlocks Emily's room is titled How To Serve Man - which references the 1950s short story, To Serve Man. It tells about aliens who come to earth. At an UN session, the aliens tell the humans that they are there to provide them with peace and plenty. They supply them with cheap unlimited power, a device to suppress explosions, and drugs for prolonging life. One of the characters steals a book from the aliens and translates the title to "To Serve Man." He believes it is a guide the aliens use to 'provide for' and 'take care of' man. After further translation, he discovers that it is actually a cook book.
    • This story aligns very closely with the Leviathans plan for man: They are secretly purifying the gene pool, curing cancer, and ending hunger in order to harvest their perfect food supply... all with the public image of "serving man for the greater good."
  • When Dick asks for a replace order for Gloria, he mentions contacting Chef Fieri because he is in the mood for barbecue, possibly referring to celebrity chef Guy Fieri
  • When Edgar describes the effects of Vamptonite, he states it will kill "anything with a taste for human" and lists shapeshifters in his list of examples, despite the fact that no shapeshifter on screen has been seen to feed on humans. It is unknown how the Leviathan intended to deal with creatures that are not dependent on humans for food.
  • Sam states there is no lore regarding benevolent ghosts. In fact, benevolent spirits, such as Death Omens and Death Echoes, have appeared previously in the series, sometimes even saving Sam and Dean's lives.
  • Its not clear how the Winchesters manage to locate the Alpha Vampire's lair in Hoople, North Dakota. Crowley only burns the name of the town into their table.
  • When the Winchesters leave, the Alpha Vampire apparently breaks the fourth wall by promising to "see you next season." However, he doesn't return until Season 12's The Raid where the Alpha Vampire is killed by Sam with the Colt.

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  • Why Can't We Be Friends? by War


  • Gloria: Help me connect the dots. How will pumping sweeteners into our system make us healthier?
  • Dick: One word: Purity. We're dialing back the additives to deliver the highest quality all-American product you people deserve. America is for go-getters, folks who get off their butts and make it happen. And we need you just as healthy as you can be. Which is why we are diving whole hog into what keeps Americans living longer... and tasting better.
  • Gloria: You do, of course, mean to say the food will be tasting better.
  • Dick: (grins) That's exactly what I mean.

  • Gloria: What makes Dick so hard to beat?

  • Dean: What's SucroCorp?
  • Sam: They make food additives, namely high-fructose corn syrup. That crap is in – well, it's in just about everything – um, soda, sauces, bread...
  • Dean: Don't say "pie."
  • Sam: Definitely pie.
  • Dean: Bastards!

[The Alpha gets into Edgar's face]

[Edgar shoves the Alpha backwards into a table. The Alpha gets back up.]

  • Alpha Vampire: We come from you.
  • Edgar: Barely.
  • Alpha Vampire: (outraged) I am the Son of Eve!
  • Edgar: (disdainfully) A pathetic mutt! Hardly one of us. I knew Eve, and honestly... your mommy was a whore.

[As the Winchesters leave with the Alpha's blood]

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  • Alpha Vampire Returns
  • Sam and Dean
  • Crowley and the Winchesters
  • Bobby watching Dean Reading
  • Dean

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  • Italian: Ci sarà sangue (There will be blood)


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