So ends the transcription of the sacred word for the defense of mankind. Into the hands of God's children thus passes the compendium of tablets.
— - Kevin Tran reciting The Word.

The Word of God was written and depicted by the angel and Scribe of God Metatron, who ciphered it while God was forming creation. The Word was carved into an unknown number of stone tablets which were later locked in an underground vault in the core of the Earth.

It is breakable, however, the prophet destined to read it can re-connect it. It is written either in an ancient language or one not taught to angels, and only the prophet linked to it can read it. However it is not as straight forward as simply reading, and seems more akin to knowing how to translate it. It's also described as hurting their heads if they look at it for extended periods of time.

The tablets were created and each filled with documentations while God was in the process of creating life. It was eventually placed in the Earth's core, "the Vault of the Earth".

According to Metatron, the tablets are the key to ruling The Universe.

The alternate universe also has its version of the tablets.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Leviathan Tablet was excavated in Iran.
  • The Word of God can be restored to its original state by the prophet that is linked to it, as seen when Kevin Tran fixed the broken Word of God by bringing the pieces together. He was able to repair both the Leviathan and Demon Tablets but never got the chance to repair the Angel Tablet as he was killed before it was broken.
  • The Word of God can yield numerous effects. When Dean removed the Leviathan tablet from its clay casing, it activated Kevin Tran's prophet abilities, generated storms, caused every pregnant woman within 100 miles to go into labor, and sent out a signal that alerted every angel to its release, which woke Castiel up from his coma. When Castiel took the Angel Tablet from Dean, it gave off a golden glow and caused Castiel to regain total control over himself, freeing his mind from the influence of Naomi. Sam speculated that touching the tablet had reset Castiel to his "factory settings." Kevin once taunted Crowley by saying that the Demon Tablet could have granted him power he had no ideas of. Later, Metatron was able to use the Angel Tablet to effectively wield the power of God by connecting to it. When Castiel broke the angel Tablet that Metatron was connected to and powering up with, thunder could be heard on Earth. While Metatron indicated that he had great plans for the demon tablet and could do a lot with it as a human, he never did so what plans he had are unknown.
  • Metatron states that the Angel Tablet is "arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of creation".
  • Castiel has broken every single Tablet: he broke the Leviathan Tablet in Reading Is Fundamental, the Demon Tablet in A Little Slice of Kevin, and the Angel Tablet in Do You Believe In Miracles?.
  • Castiel has played a hand in the retrieval of both the Demon and Angel Tablets, the Demon Tablet twice. In the case of the Angel Tablet, he snuck into Heaven with Gadreel's help to get it and then broke it once he found it to break Metatron's power. Castiel later aided Sam and Dean when they raided Crowley's base for the future Prophets and during his confrontation with Crowley, broke the Demon Tablet in half, getting one half of it for himself. After Metatron stole it for the second time, Castiel found it again by simply searching Metatron's apartment where it was hidden under his mattress.
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