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Claire Novak is an ally and friend to Sam and Dean Winchester.


Sam and Dean encountered the young Claire when four demons attacked the Novak Family and they attempted to rescue Claire and her mother before Castiel took back control of Claire's father Jimmy Novak and saved them. After the Apocalypse, Claire became a troubled youth but was guided back on a better path by the Winchesters who she starts to care for.

Season 10[]

It has been several years since the Winchesters last saw Claire who has fallen into a bad crowd, since Castiel ruined her life.

They meet again in The Things We Left Behind, where the Winchesters helped Castiel rescue her from a loan shark gang who were with Claire's friend Randy. When the gang regroup and trap Dean, in which the others are forced to escape, they come back into Randy's house, where they find Dean covered in blood, standing over the thugs' bodies, including Randy, to Claire's horror.

In The Hunter Games, when Claire is found by Castiel, she refuses to reconnect with them and blames Dean for Randy's death, as well as refusing to acknowledge that he betrayed her to save himself. She later meets a couple whom she confides her troubles to. At the same time, Dean was feeling guilt about Randy though tells Castiel not to burden himself with Claire, since he is a reminder of what she lost.

However, Dean calls her at Castiel's suggestion, as the couple Claire was talking to convince her to lure Dean into a trap so she could have revenge for Randy's death. In the end, Claire changed her mind about Dean getting killed and warns him, in which he overpowers the couple, though rather than give in to the Mark of Cain, lets them go.

Angel Heart 08

Dean and Claire on a hunt

During Angel Heart, Claire experiences trouble and since Castiel is in her emergency contacts on her cell phone, the hospital calls him and he calls in Sam and Dean to help him deal with Claire.

When Sam and Dean arrive, Claire is not happy to see the Winchesters but tells them of her search before fleeing the hospital when they leave the room. However, she made the mistake of telling them where she was staying as well as checking in under her own name and finds Sam waiting for her while Dean and Castiel interrogate Ronnie. Sam tries to relate with Claire about her loss of a mother while she initially rebuffs Sam's efforts to help her, she finally agrees after he offers to teach her how to hack her mother's credit card records to look for clues. Through his work, Claire becomes intrigued by how Hunters do their work and insists on going with Dean and Castiel to investigate Ronnie's murder. When they return to the motel, Sam is able to figure out that the man Amelia was supposed to meet, Peter Holloway, has a farm that Amelia had been spending time around. Sam and Castiel go to investigate, but leave Claire and Dean behind for her own safety and because the Mark of Cain is starting to affect Dean worse.

Things between Dean and Claire are awkward at first, with the two mostly being silent but soon Dean takes Claire to play mini-golf which they bond over and mock the other on. After Claire puts her putter in the last hole to demonstrate how the ball gets taken there, Dean realizes that Peter Holloway was really an angel who has her mother and used an angel sword instead of an angel blade and he and Claire research angels. Claire is amazed at his deduction from a simple golf game but finds information on the Grigori, a class of angels that preys on humanity and use swords. When they are unable to reach Sam or Castiel, Claire expects Dean to leave her behind while he goes to rescue them. However, she is surprised when Dean instead gives her a gun saying "Happy birthday. Don't shoot me. Let's go." The excited girl then follows Dean.

Angel Heart 05

Dean helps Claire reunite with her mother

Arriving at the farm, Dean and Claire investigate the barn and Dean gives her instructions on how to use the gun against an angel. They find Castiel who directs them to Amelia and Claire is finally, tearfully, reunited with her mother. It was here where she forgives the Winchesters, as Claire thanks Dean for his help while he and Cass go to find Sam who was taken hostage. When Tamiel, the Grigori that had been feeding off of her mother arrives and stabs Amelia. Sam, Dean, and Castiel defend Claire by engaging Tamiel who proves stronger than all of them and nearly kills Castiel. However, Claire sneaks up behind him while he is distracted and stabs him with his own sword, killing him before embracing her mother's body.

The next day, Sam and Dean decide to send Claire to Jody Mills until she can get on her feet. After Claire finally forgives Castiel, she asks Dean to look after him. Before saying goodbye, Dean gives her a copy of Caddyshack and a lore book, having noticed her keeping Tamiel's sword. He notes on how she needs research before going down the path but advises her against becoming a hunter, telling her how dangerous it is and that she got her revenge when she killed Tamiel. Claire jokingly tells him he's pretty old when he tells her about how hunters don't live long and leaves in a taxi.

Season 11[]

In Don't You Forget About Me, Claire calls Dean for help as she believes there are monsters in Sioux Falls while Jody refuses to believe her. Regardless, Sam and Dean arrive to check it out before seeing how Claire has adapted to her new life with Jody and Annie Jones. In a talk, they learn how she has been going wild with supposed hunts. After Jody expresses worry that Claire is burying herself in hunting as she feels she has nothing else, Sam talks to her and Claire admits she feels like she's not really apart of Jody and Alex's family since she arrived so much later. Claire suggests that she leave and become a full-time hunter, but Sam tells her that monsters will always be out there, but a chance at a normal life won't be. Claire considers his words.

Later on, the brothers find Claire was correct on there being a hunt but don't want her apart of it and instead persuade her to go live a normal life. Dean even makes Claire see how much Jody is doing for her, despite Claire not asking her too. However, Claire is kidnapped along with Jody by a vengeful vampire and Annie's boyfriend who want to kill them to get back at Annie.

Don't You Forget About Me 11

Dean and Claire

The Winchesters are able to locate Claire and the others before fighting the vampires. When Sam fights the vampires, Claire retrieves a box cutter from a nearby toolbox and cuts herself free. As Richard goes to kill Alex, Claire stabs him in the back with a crowbar, distracting him long enough for Dean to kill him. Dean noticed Claire had been fed on but she assures him that she's fine.

At the end, Claire promises to not hunt like a fool and parts peacefully with the Winchesters.

Season 12[]

In Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox, the Winchesters spot Jody at the funeral of Asa Fox and asks how her kids are. Jody tells the Winchesters that Claire and Alex are in Omaha at a Radio Head concert.

During Ladies Drink Free, Sam and Dean find out that Claire has been secretly hunting behind Jody and Alex's backs. They find her working on a werewolf case, investigating the death of Ben Foster. They are on better terms, as Claire recognizes Dean's voice from a joke. Dean even acted protective by stopping Claire from grabbing a beer and when learning Claire was subjected to grabbing by a bartender. Nevertheless, he allowed Claire to join the hunt and let her have dinner, at Mick Davies' expense, something she appreciated.

During the case, Claire took a jab at Sam's age but got angry after he tried to persuade her to not hunt anymore, while accusing the Winchesters of pretending to care for her. Sam states they do care about her and she tells him if he did then he wouldn't criticize her though storms off after an argument.

When Claire is bitten by a werewolf, Sam finds her and tends to her while she is crying. The Winchesters worry for her and Sam suggested using the cure. Dean was resistant until Claire insisted not wanting to hurt her family and he begrudgingly agreed, with Sam's pushing. Dean even threatened Mick Davies if something happened to her. After she is kidnapped by the werewolf, the brothers tracked her and while she was suffering a manic episode in her werewolf stage Claire attack Dean who was forced to knock her out. After waking up, Claire tried once more to attack them but Mick inserted the needle containing the werewolf blood into her neck. The brothers see Claire experience the pain of the Werewolf cure and watch with sadness, as she endures it but are greatly relieved to see her cured and okay.

At the end, the three reconcile and Claire thanks them for saving her. Because of this, Claire decided to be honest with Jody on her activities.

Season 13[]

Alternate Universe (The Bad Place)

Sam, Dean, Kaia and Claire in the Bad Place

In Wayward Sisters, while returning from a hunting trip, Claire seeks out Sam and Dean after learning they were missing after going on and that she should come home. After meeting Kaia Nieves, she calls herself a friend of theirs and after questioning her, she learns the brothers were sent to another world and the rift was still open, Claire and her family went to find it. Claire shared talks with Kaia over the Winchesters, comparing their similar encounters with them.

Claire was later encouraged by Kaia Nieves to rescue the brothers from The Bad Place. With this, Claire fights through several hordes of the Cloaked Figures and with Kaia crosses the Rift. Claire soon locates and rescues the Winchesters, who are surprised that she came for them. They are able to return home, though at the loss of Kaia by the hands of unknown assailant.

As Sam and Dean prepared to go home, they told Jody that they wanted to thank Claire for her rescuing them. However, the devastated Claire was still sad about Kaia that she could not receive gratitude from the brothers.

Season 15[]

In The Trap, the future where Castiel becomes the bearer of the Mark of Cain that traps God that is shown by Sam shows that Claire is the first of the many who the Winchesters cared about would lose: She was killed when she and Jody attacked a vampire nest that was much larger than expected. The Winchesters are visibly upset by her loss and Sam, seeing this, is clearly also upset by the loss of Claire. Ultimately, the knowledge of Claire and all the other deaths that would occur if God were to be locked away caused Sam to sacrifice what appeared to be the only chance of victory against God.


  • She is the second teenager after Krissy Chambers that the Winchesters know who became inspired to be a hunter.
  • Claire bears similarities to the Winchesters.
    • She is a troubled youth who has lost her mother and took up hunting.
    • She's been to college like Sam.
    • She has been possessed by an Angel like them.
    • She has turned into a monster like Dean has but was cured like him.
  • The Winchesters have saved Claire who has returned the favor.