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I'll let you in on something. When you cut me, that little nick? It was fatal, something I can't survive. See for yourself. You killed me, Dean. So yeah, no, I don't care about your friends. I don't care about your family. But seeing you here has reminded me of something. There is one thing I'd like. One wish before I go. I'd like to see you dead. I'm so glad you came. (...) It's you, Dean. It's always been you. Death-defying, rule-breaking. You are everything I lived to set right. To put down. To tame. You are human disorder incarnate. (...) Come on, Dean. You can't escape me. Don't you think it's finally time? Time for the sweet release of Death?
Billie attempts to finally kill Dean before her own demise.
in Despair

Sam and Dean's relationship with Billie the new Death.


Sam met Billie while she was a Reaper. Billie tells Sam that she and the other Reapers hold him and Dean in disdain for killing their boss. She promises to make sure their next death is permanent and she'll banish them to The Empty.

Following her ascension as the new Death, Billie appears to have let go some of her hatred for the Winchesters now aware of their ultimate destiny.

It's later revealed that Billie has been using the Winchesters to kill God and Amara so she can take power once they are gone. Sam realizes that as part of this, Billie intends to finally kill them. Billie is mortally wounded by Dean and attempts to finally take her revenge upon him as her last act. However, Castiel sacrifices himself to summon the Shadow who drags Billie to the Empty and puts a final end to her.


Season 11[]

It's over. (...) You and Dean dying and coming back again and again. The old Death thought it was funny, but now there is one hard fast rule in this universe. What lives, dies. So the next time you or your brother bite it. Well, you're not going to Heaven or Hell; one of us, and Lord I hope it's me, we're gonna make a mistake and toss you out into the Empty. And nothing comes back from that. I know you're dying, I can feel it. You're unclean, in the Biblical sense. So I'll be seeing you again Sam, seeing you real soon. Name's Billie by the way.
Billie reveals her intentions to Sam.
in Form and Void

In Form and Void, Sam first meets Billie at Nuckolls County Medical Center during the Rabid Infection of Superior, Nebraska when he finds Billie singing "O, Death" in the hallways over a corpse. Sam quickly realizes that Billie is a Reaper and Billie isn't too pleased with Sam due to Dean recently killing Death, her boss. Billie then reveals that while the old Death let them die and come back again, Billie intends to ensure that Sam and Dean's next death will be permanent by sending them into the Empty from which no one ever escapes. Billie notes that Sam is dying from his Rabid infection and is "unclean in the Biblical sense" and so believes that she will be reaping Sam soon. As Billie departs, she finally introduces herself with an off-hand remark. However, Billie's comment about Sam being "unclean in the Biblical sense" helps Sam to find a cure for his condition instead.

In The Devil in the Details, Billie meets Dean for the first time, after he went to see her in order to get into Hell. As Dean wanted to save Sam from Lucifer, he sung the password and Billie gave him a witchcatcher for Crowley, and sent him on his way. Dean is surprised to meet the Reaper that wants to kill them, but Billie clarifies that she doesn't intend to kill the Winchesters, just to make sure that when they do die, they stay dead.

In Red Meat, she meets Dean again when he "dies" in order to speak with Billie. Billie takes her time savoring the moment, pleased to have the chance to reap Dean, but Dean offers his life in exchange for Sam's, knowing him to be the one to defeat the Darkness. Dean fails to provide Billie an answer as to how Sam is able to do this. Billie does not fulfill Dean's wish, stating that the answer will always be "no", and reveals that Sam is alive. Dean is, shortly after, revived, at which the disappointed Billie is forced to leave.

In Alpha and Omega, Billie caught sight of the Winchesters gathering up souls, she followed them out of curiosity. She learns of their plans, offering aid because the world is about to end.

Season 12[]

In Celebrating The Life Of As Fox, Billie appears outside of the house of dead hunter Asa Fox, where she finds Dean and tells him that something is killing hunters inside and she had already reaped a soul within. Billie is amused by Dean's efforts to get in and agrees to get him inside in exchange for him owing her one. Billie is able to throw Dean through the warded door and into the house.

The next morning, Billie appears and wants to collect on what Dean owes her. She wants to collect on a bigger prize: Mary Winchester. Sam and Dean tell their mother about Billie and she tells them she was a believer in that what was dead should stay dead and states that she can tell that Mary does not want to be alive and offers her mercy by taking her to Heaven. After Billie confirms that she can not kill Mary due to the rules, Mary declines and Billie tells the Winchesters that if any of them ever change their mind, to call her. Billie then disappears.

In First Blood, a desperate Dean calls Billie for help for escaping from Site 94. Billie makes a deal bound in blood with the Winchesters where she will kill them for a time and then bring them back to give them a chance to escape. In return, one Winchester must die for good at midnight. At midnight, Billie appears in the road, stops Mary's car, explains the deal and demands the Winchesters keep up their end of the deal. Mary offers herself up in her sons' place and goes to take her own life, but before she can, Castiel kills Billie from behind with an angel blade, stating that the world can not afford to lose any of the Winchesters.

Season 13[]

So, you wanna die. I say, keep living.

In Advanced Thanatology, while on a case, Dean has to temporarily kill himself and encounters a Reaper, who he shrugs off and she reports back to her superiors after realizing his identity.

Dean's resurrection is halted by Billie who appeared as the new Death. She stops time after Sam's pleas annoy her, she explains to the confused Dean on how she was able to come back following her death, something that annoys Dean. She brings him back to her library, where she asked him about the recent rift. Dean agreed to tell her but only if she will allow the dead souls at the Meadows House to be able to move on. She shocked at his request but she agreed and he tells her that the rift was open because of Jack the son of Lucifer.

After remarking on his recent request and change in attitude, she realizes that he actually wants to die permanently. Dean confirmed this and ranted on about how he's failed several people and he just wants it all to end telling her she can reap his soul because he is done. Amused, she refuses and tells him about his possible deaths. Billie then tells Dean that she has seen how important he and his family are to the world and tells him to keep living before she resurrects him, stating he and Sam have work to do.

Afterwards, Dean tells Sam about what his recent experience and he was shocked to learn that Billie is still around.

SN1319a 0031br2

Billie appears to Sam and Rowena

In Funeralia, it is revealed that Billie has Reapers monitor the Winchesters and their activities. It also revealed that she wants them to find the person who is killing the reapers and it turns out to be Rowena whose permanent death is said to be by the hands of Sam. When Rowena captures Sam, Billie appears and Sam sees her as the new Death. Sam watched as she talked Rowena down before Dean arrives with Jessica. Seeing him, Billie smiles and ominously said she’ll see him later.

Season 14[]

In Nihilism, Billie teleports Team Free Will back to the Bunker. She later appears to Dean and notes on Michael screaming in his mind. Dean notes that the latter is trapped but she is unsure. Dean brings up how she broke the rules to see if him and his family seemingly grateful for what she did. She casts it aside since Michael is a threat to the existence of the reality. She berates him for not listening to her warnings about dimension travel and tells Dean his books of his death have changed with Michael retaking control to destroy the world. Dean was shocked to hear this before Billie hands Dean the notebook containing the one fate where Michael loses, shocking Dean at what it reveals must be done. Billie tells Dean that its up to him what he will do with the information and departs, leaving Dean with the notebook.

In Damaged Goods, Dean reveals to Sam that the book stated that he could only stop Michael by building a Ma'lak Box and trapping both himself and the archangel in it. Billie has also provided Dean with the instructions needed to create the box.

Season 15[]

In The Gamblers, the brothers learn that Billie resurrected Jack and had him hunt the Grigori while eating their hearts. The two are shocked to hear Billie wants Jack to get strong to kill God.

Galaxy Brain 08

Billie tells the Winchesters their ultimate destiny

In Galaxy Brain, they are annoyed at Billie keeping Jack on a need-to-know basis about her plan, with Sam and Castiel expressing doubts about Billie's trustworthiness, Dean is more trusting given Billie's adherence to the rules. After she kills her servant for not obeying orders, Billie lectures them for risking everything on saving one girl while God is ending other worlds.

Soon Sam has had enough of her riddles and questions what the endgame is. Billie responds that as a reaper, she believed in the rules until Castiel killed her. After she got her new position, Billie inherited Death's knowledge and library containing books with the ultimate fates of everyone, including God. The Winchesters are shocked God has a book and Billie states that everything dies in the end the books write themselves rather than be written by God. To keep the world going, God had no choice but to build himself into the framework of it which is God's only weakness. Billie reassures them that not even God can read what's in his book unless she lets him. Billie reveals that Jack, Sam, and Dean are all in God's book and their destiny is to be the messengers of God's destruction. This revelation understandably shocked them.

In Destiny's Child, Billie appears to the Winchesters again, explaining that the other Sam and Dean that they saw were fleeing from their universe after it was destroyed. She stated God is nearly done wiping the slate clean and tells them to find the Occultum.

In Drag Me Away (From You), while Dean is getting food, Billie appears next to him. Dean was surprised to see her, while Billie demanded to know why Dean is working a case now before revealing God completed his destruction of the Multiverse with the last world. As a result, Dean realizes Chuck will be back soon and they won't have a moment to waste when he comes. She goes over how Dean now has Amara on the hook for the plan. She also reveals she has visited Jack and given him his final orders, the last step in Jack's transformation. Dean questions how Billie convinced Jack to turn himself into a bomb and she states that she told him the truth: Jack killed Mary Winchester and all he wants is Dean's forgiveness. Billie had surmised that the only way he would get that is by ending God and freeing Dean from the "hamster wheel." Billie questions if she was wrong in this assumption.

Billie tells Dean that this will be the last time he will see her until the end. According to Chuck's book, Billie is not in this part of the story and so won't be around. As a result, her plan is all on Dean now. Billie questions if they have a problem and Dean states that they don't as he needs Chuck dead even if Dean doesn't like every part of the plan. Billie realizes that Dean has been hiding the truth from Sam and warns that she doesn't like loose ends or disorder so he needs to "clean this up" and she needs to know that Dean has his house in order.

Dean later tells Sam about Billie's visit, her message about the other worlds all being gone and their need to act fast when Chuck arrives soon. Dean also tells Sam the truth about Jack's impending death, something that horrified him.

In Unity, Sam learns that Billie actually intends to take power as the new God and has been using them from the Shadow which means that everyone that they saved from Apocalypse World will die when Billie takes over along with anyone who was ever resurrected. However, Dean doesn't care if Billie gets what she wants as long as Chuck dies but Sam talks him down.

Sam: You were always gonna betray us. Once you defeated God, you were gonna take power. And that means everyone who got a free pass or a second chance, everyone who was resurrected or came from another world, you were gonna kill them all. Dean and me too. That's the order you want restored, that's always been your endgame!

Billie: You got me.

Sam confronts Billie over her true plan.
in Despair

In Despair, Billie is furious that Sam and Dean kept the plan to kill God from working. Billie teleports Jack to the Empty where his detonation is contained by the Shadow. The Winchesters and Castiel confront Billie who confirms that the Shadow was telling the truth about her plans. Billie leverages rescuing Jack from the Empty to get Chuck's Death Book back, but takes her time to read the new ending of the book. After bringing Jack back, Billie attempts to take Jack with her as he's still useful. However, Dean grabs Death's Scythe which Billie had put down in order to read the book and swings it at her, slashing Billie in the left shoulder. After throwing Dean with telekinesis, Billie is forced to leave without Jack, the book or her scythe.

Believing that Billie is the one killing their friends, Dean leads Castiel into her library armed with the scythe to kill Billie. After a brief struggle, Dean overpowers Billie who reveals that it's Chuck, not her, that's killing their friends. Billie then admits that Dean's earlier strike with the scythe has left her mortally wounded and shows Dean and Castiel that her shoulder wound is festering. While Billie doesn't care about Dean's friends or family, she now wants to kill Dean and finally exact her revenge before Billie dies. Billie chases Dean and Castiel back into the Men of Letters bunker and causes Dean heart pain. Castiel is able to block her power over Dean with a blood sigil on the dungeon door, but Billie begins breaking through it.

In order to stop Billie for good, Castiel allows himself to experience a moment of true happiness, thus fulfilling his deal with the Shadow who also holds a grudge against Billie for her actions and lies to it. The Shadow opens a portal into the bunker and absorbs both Billie and Castiel, pulling them into the Empty.


  • Besides Tessa and Jessica, Billie is one of the recurring Reapers to meet the Winchesters.
  • Like the Winchesters, Billie has been resurrected.
  • Billie's final fate is ironic as she was always threatening to send the Winchesters to the Empty at the begining of their relationship and her ultimate fate was to be dragged to the Empty herself.