There's a value - a glory - in creation, that's greater and truer than my pride or my ego. Call it grace, call it being; whatever it is, it didn't come from my hands! It was there! Waiting to be born! It just is, as you and I just were!

The Universe is the multi-layered plane of existence, which is composed of the space-time continuum and supernatural realms. It is separated from the higher planes of existence, which are accessible through rituals, gateways, and/or only after death.

History Edit

Long before there was anything else in existence, long before there was light or Angels, long before there was even Archangels or God there was only The Darkness; a horribly destructive, amoral force and a supremely powerful primordial being that has existed since the beginning of time, predating anything else in existence. Eventually her younger brother, God, came into existence. Death came into being roughly around the same time God did. The Darkness is the only entity to exceed God or Death's power, with the latter two being equals. Eventually God began to create in order to show his sister there could be more than just them, though he later admitted to Amara's accusations that he created also to feed his own ego. But he truly was trying to show his sister the beauty of creation, a beauty he feels didn't come from his hands, a beauty that was just there as much as he or his sister were. But every time God finished a new world, his sister would destroy it. Eventually God realised that none of what he would create in the future would be safe if his sister was present and began conspiring against her. He created the four Archangels; Michael, Lucifer, Raphael, and Gabriel, and battled his sister in a terrible war. The combined strength of God and the Archangels was just barely enough to defeat and entrap The Darkness, after having first tricked her. God then created a Mark, later named the Mark of Cain, that would serve as both lock and key to The Darkness's prison, and entrusted it to his most valued lieutenant: Lucifer. God later revealed he did not kill his sister in her weakened state as she needed to live to maintain the fabric of reality. If she had been killed, reality and everything in existence would cease, including God.

God then created the physical Universe and many other galaxies as well as Heaven: the beautiful realm where he and his Archangels, later Angels and worthy human souls, would reside. God then created the Leviathans, the first beasts. However God was concerned with their destructiveness and insatiable appetites, he was concerned they'd eat anything else he created, so he created the monster realm known most commonly as Purgatory and locked them away there. While Purgatory originally serves as the Leviathan's prison, it later came to house the souls of deceased monsters. Eventually, Eve, either came into being or was created by God. This was a different Eve than the first woman on Earth, she was a powerful and ancient being. Eve was also part Leviathan and later mothered the Alphas, the very first and fathers of their respective monster lines. Eve later came to call Purgatory her home. At an unknown point in time God created the Hellhounds, intending to be "creators best friend". However he deemed them to vicious and ordered their destruction, however Lucifer managed to save one, Ramsey, who would later go on to mother all current Hellhounds.

God then created the Angels and all their higher classes and sub-classes including the Seraphs; one of the highest order of Angels, the Grigori; the elite order of Angels sent to watch over Humanity, the common Angel, the Rit Zien; the "medic" Angels, and the Cherubim; which Humans later came to mistake as Cupids. It is unknown if God also created the Reapers, who are also a species of Angel, and then gave them to Death, who they serve, or if Death created them in the image of God's Angels.

At an unknown point in time, God also created The Veil, a mysterious realm where human souls remains when they can't enter Heaven or Hell. It serves sort of like a waiting place for souls.

God then created the Milky Way Galaxy along with Earth. God then created the Human soul, the spiritual energies within Humans which gave them their personality and emotions and humanity. Souls are also incredible power sources. God then created Humans. God then selected the Angel Metatron to become his scribe and to write down his word on stone tablets on his creations. God then selected the Angel Gadreel to protect his cherished creations in the Garden of Eden. After this God asked all of his other creations to bow before Humanity and to show them greater love than to him, having deemed them his most cherished and loved creations. All the Angels and Archangels complied, however one did not; Lucifer. He refused to bow before a species younger and inferior to him, he argued Humans were murderous and flawed and unworthy of God's love. It was later revealed that the Mark binding The Darkness was corrupting Lucifer, though God later revealed that the Mark wasn't the source of Lucifer's hatred, it simply boosted it. Lucifer openly rebelled against Heaven and God, rallying some support. However Lucifer became increasingly desperate, he went to his older brother Michael for help, Michael refused and on God's command cast Lucifer out of Heaven. Looking to get revenge, Lucifer managed to get past Gadreel and into the Garden, he twisted a human soul, Lilith, into the first Demon. Still in the Garden, he convinced Adam and Eve to consume the forbidden fruit, later leading to the corruption of the world and the fall of man. God was forced to remove Humanity from the Garden for disobeying him and had Gadreel locked away for his failure. Lucifer then created the Princes of Hell, the first four Demons created after Lilith; Azazel, Ramiel, Asmodeus, and Dagon, intending for them to become generals in the armies of Hell in the war against God and his Angels. Lucifer than began talks with Adam and Eve's second-born son, Abel. In order to save his brother from corruption, Cain; Adam and Eve's first born son, made a deal with Lucifer. His soul in Hell for Abel's soul in Heaven, as long as it was Cain who sent Abel to Heaven. Cain then struck down his brother. Lucifer then transferred the Mark binding The Darkness to Cain. Unable to bear the grief of killing his brother, Cain took his own life, however the Mark resurrected him as a Demon, a Knight of Hell, powerful soldiers in the armies of Hell. Cain gained a reputation as one of the worst and deadliest Demons to walk the Earth. Lucifer then ordered Cain to train more Knights. Lucifer then created all of Demon-kind and different species of them including the Crossroad Demons and Black-eyed Demons, Lilith, later Alastair who would become the chief torturer of Hell, also began torturing other souls to create more Demons. He also created the Princes of Hell shortly after the White-Eyed Demons. He passed the Mark of Cain onto Cain after successfully manipulating him to kill his brother Abel.

Being unable to permit anymore evil, God created the realm of Hell and banished all Demons to Hell, however more powerful Demons like the Princes or Knights could still teleport easily from Hell and Earth, while Lilith, the oldest and deadliest Demon, was locked away. God then created a special cage, later called Lucifer's Cage in the deepest darkest corner of Hell, powerful enough to hold the fallen Archangel, powered by over 600 powerful seals. Then on God's command, Michael defeated Lucifer and cast him into the Cage. Gabriel, the youngest Archangel, fled to Earth as he could no longer bear to watch his family fall apart, while the third Archangel, Raphael, chose to side with God and Michael. However, God later left Heaven out of sheer disappointment in his creations. The Archangels ferociously cried and wailed for their father. Eventually however, Michael and Raphael turned their attention forwards ruling the Universe, they figured that if they couldn't have their father back, they'd take the Universe for themselves. Despite being immensely powerful themselves, they'd need the Word of God to rule something so massive, however Metatron predicted their decision and fled to Earth with the tablets.

Characteristics Edit

The universe is a gigantic space-time continuum, which follows physical laws, however it is possible to use magic inside it to override said laws. Together with Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Avalon, The Empty, God's Bar and The Darkness it represents all of existence in the Supernatural World. It is possible to move forward and backward in time.

Known planets in this universe include the Earth and all other 7 planets of the Solar System and hundreds/thousands of exoplanets.

The universe follows the The Natural Order. The universe has one known requirement to its continued stability and existence, the The Darkness and God have to co-exist or reality would end. If one were to be killed or fatally wounded the scale would tip into nothing, which would end everything even the other survivor. Sam believed if God and Amara were dead, while empty the scale would be stable and a new order would establish.


  • While in general relativity, view time came into existence with the universe, in Supernatural there were events before the universe began to exist, implying that time was pre-existent.[1]
  • God called The Impala the most important object in the universe.
  • Jeremy Carver said that the war against The Darkness was before the creation of the universe.[2]
  • While he was insane, Castiel considered that the Universe was designed to cause conflicts.
  • The Shadow, The Darkness, God, Death, and the Archangels are the only confirmed beings to pre-date the universe.
  • Eric Kripke has stated that extraterrestrial life does not exist in the Supernatural universe. However, Death has stated to Dean how infantile the Milky Way Galaxy is in accordance to his age, and at one point said he should concentrate his efforts "on a better planet".
  • During Season 13, several rifts to Alternate Universes are opened.

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