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The Trap is the 9th episode of Season 15. It aired on January 16, 2020.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Eileen (guest star Shoshanna Stern) are faced with the brutal truth. Meanwhile Dean and Cass work together in the hopes of getting a step ahead of Chuck (guest star Rob Benedict).


Chuck taking out a scalpel to examine Sam's wound.

In a casino, Sam and Eileen sit facing each other. They're zip-locked to chairs, and Chuck greets Sam. He says that he's been helping Eileen to Sam, to the bunker, and to romance. Chuck explains that he gave Sam half of the spell that he found and Sam did the rest, and says that he needed eyes on the inside. Sam figures that Chuck is weak, and Chuck admits that they're connected by their wounds. As long as they are, Chuck is stuck in the world. He takes out a scalpel and says that all good things must come to an end.

At the bunker, Dean tries to call Sam and Eileen but gets no answer. He figures that they're in trouble.

Chuck tells Sam that their wounds aren't healing because there's something festering inside of Sam. He can't see it or snap it away, but he knows that it's there. Eileen manages to dial Dean's number on her phone, and he hears Chuck talking as he prepares to cut the infection out of Sam with a scalpel. Chuck realizes that someone is listening, takes Eileen's phone, says hello to Dean, and destroys the phone. He then returns to cutting open Sam's wound.

Dean tracks Sam's phone and locates it at a casino in Milford, Nebraska. Castiel reminds him that they have to go to Purgatory, and tells Dean to stop being stupid. They need the Leviathan blossom to stop Chuck, and save Sam and the world.

Chuck controlling Eileen to cut Sam.

Chuck considers Sam's gunshot wound, and Sam figures that he's stalling. He figures that Chuck just likes to watch and can't get his hands dirty. Eileen says that Chuck is pathetic, and Chuck admits that they're right. He gives Eileen the scalpel and controls her to cut Sam. Chuck silences her and figures that it's more poetic, and assures Sam that it's going to hurt Eileen almost as much as it'll hurt Sam as Eileen starts cutting.

Dean and Castiel go through the Rift and look for the blossom, and Dean suggests that they split up. Castiel warns that it increases their odds of getting killed and tells Dean to follow him.

Sam screams in pain as Eileen cuts, then tells her that he knows it's not her. Chuck plays the guitar, and when Sam says that it's not working Chuck has Eileen withdraw for a moment and then cut again. Sam figures that Chuck doesn't know what to do and wonders if he'll bring Sam back again and again to keep trying. Chuck stops Eileen, heals Sam's wound, and sends Eileen to clean herself up. Sam says that it isn't the first time he's been tortured, and Chuck figures that Sam's hope is stopping him. He figures that Dean and Castiel will come to save him, and that Sam still thinks they can win.

Dean and Castiel in Purgatory.

Dean and Castiel continue searching Purgatory as something watches them from the shadows. They find a corpse they've seen before, but Castiel says that it's a different corpse. A Leviathan charges at them and Castiel smashes it away. Dean admits that it is a different corpse, and they tell the Leviathan that they're looking for a flower. If the Leviathan can't lead them to it, they'll shoot him with Borax. The Leviathan explains that the blossom grows out of the soil when they die and rot, and it can take months. He offers to take them to it, and Dean tells him to get up. Dean asks him if he's seen Benny, and the Leviathan says that Benny died a long time ago. Other vampires tore Benny apart, and Dean orders the Leviathan to move.

Chuck tells Sam that his hope is misplaced. He admits that Sam could win if Dean and Castiel don't screw up, but Sam wouldn't want to win if he could see what Chuck sees. Chuck claps his hands, and Sam gets a vision of April 17, 2020. He and Eileen are in the bunker, and Eileen discovers that all of the cases they're checking out have natural occurrence. Dean is dozing off nearby, wakes up, and insists that he's resting his eyes. Castiel comes in with beer and Dean suggests that they call it. Jody calls and tells Sam that Claire and here went in to deal with a small nest of vampires. It turned out that there were more than expected, and they killed Claire.

Sam snaps out of his vision, and Chuck tells him that it's just the beginning. He holds up a pocket watch and says that Sam can set it forward to any time and see that time. Sam insists that nothing can change his mind, and Chuck asks if he wants to see the future.

As the sun rises in Purgatory, Castiel offers his condolences to Dean about Benny. Dean says that he owed Benny his life because he sacrificed himself to get Sam out of Purgatory, and Castiel blames himself for their being there the first time. Castiel tells Dean that he apologized to Dean already and he's sorry for Jack, and explains that he left because Dean couldn't forgive him or move on because Dean was too angry.

In January of 2021, Sam and Dean drive past bonfires. Dean tells his brother that they did everything they could. Sam doesn't believe it, but Dean says that they had to wait because the place was crawling with werewolves. His brother points out that the victims all bled out, and if Castiel was there he could have healed them. Dean angrily says that Castiel isn't there, and the monsters are winning.

The Leviathan blossom.

The Leviathan takes Dean and Castiel to the blossoms, but Castiel realizes that they're caught in an angel trap. Their guide says that Eve has a beef with them, and figures bringing them to her should get them a nice reward. A Leviathan attacks Dean, and he kills it. Another one knocks Dean unconscious.

Dean wakes up and discovers that the Leviathans have burned the blossoms and left with Castiel.

In January 2021 at the bunker, Future-Sam tells Future-Dean that they have to move before the nest moves on. Dean tells him that it doesn't matter and it's time to stand down. Sam wonders what has happened to Dean, and Dean reminds him that they've lost everyone they care about. The Mark made Castiel go crazy, and Dean had to bury him in a Ma'lak box. Dean tells his brother that the monsters are everywhere and they don't save people. All of their friends are either dead or have packed it in. He reminds Sam that Bobby and Jody have death wishes, and so does Sam after what happened to Eileen. Sam asks Dean what happened to going out swinging, and Dean tells him that they lost and he's done. Dean walks out, and the present-Sam watching unseen figures that it's a lie. He tells Chuck that he knows what he's doing.

Chuck appears and asks Sam if he's enjoying the show. Sam figures Chuck is showing it to him so he loses hope, and Chuck tells him that he's sharing his omniscience with him. He says that Dean will give up and it's the truth.

Dean search Purgatory for Castiel, and checks his timer to confirm how long the Rift will remain open. There are eight hours left, and Dean prays to Castiel saying that it's not too late. Dean says that he should have stopped Castiel from leaving because Castiel is his best friend, and he did it because it was easier than admitting he was wrong. Crying, Dean drops to his knees and says that he doesn't know why he gets so angry, but the anger has always been there and comes out when things go bad and he can't stop it. Dean says that he forgives Castiel and he's sorry it took him so long to say it. He hopes that Castiel can hear him, and then gets up and continues searching.

On November 3 2021, future-Sam finds future-Dean sitting in the kitchen. He says that he's raiding the nest with or without Dean, and Dean takes a drink. He then says that he doesn't have a choice, gets up, and goes out with Sam. Present-Sam and Chuck watch them go out, and Chuck says that it's a bad idea. Sam insists that it can't end that way, and Chuck tells him to use the watch to see for himself.

Present-Sam tries to set the watch forward but it's stuck, and Chuck tells him that it's the end of the line and it won't go any further.

Dean continues searching Purgatory, and a bloody Castiel appears and says that Dean made it. They hug and Castiel explains that he figures it was safer to let them take him. The Leviathans were trying to take him to Eve and he got a blossom, after he caught the Leviathans off-guard and fought his way to freedom. Castiel says that they're still after him. The angel tells Dean that he heard his prayer and walks off, and Dean follows him.

On December 2022, future-Sam and Dean barricade the door of the apartment they're holed up in. Dean tells his brother that if they go down then they'll go out together. Present-Sam watches as Jody, Bobby and two other Hunters enter the building. Bobby reminds Jody that it's Sam and Dean, and asks if she wants to do it. Meanwhile, future-Sam and Dean turn into vampires. The Hunters break into the apartment, and Sam and Dean attack them. Jody shoots Sam, and future-Dean rips out her throat as Sam goes down. Bobby comes up and cuts off Sam's head.

In the present, Chuck asks Sam what he thinks of the future. He admits that it's a crappy ending and the Winchesters deserve better, and tells Sam that he and Dean matter to him. Chuck wants better for them both. Sam asks where Eileen is, and Chuck tells her that he "powered her down" in a broom closet. He says that Sam doesn't know what he saw of his plans, and asks if Sam likes it better when Sam and Dean become monsters.

Dean and Castiel use a spell.

Back at the bunker, Dean and Castiel mix the spell using the blossom so Castiel can take the Mark. Dean asks Castiel if he's sure, and Castiel notes that Dean took the Mark once and can't take it again. They cast the spell and create an orb, and Castiel tells Dean that Sam or Dean will have to destroy it and kill Chuck once he takes the Mark.

Sam yells that he'll make it better when they beat Chuck. Chuck says that he can't, and Sam and Dean have been constantly broke the rules of nature and magic. He warns that there's much about the fabric of the universe that the Winchesters can't know because they're only humans, but he's God. Chuck tells Sam to look at the "headline news", and Sam realizes that Chuck is talking about the monsters. His captor explains that without him, the monsters will rule and everyone the Winchesters love will die. Chuck asks if Sam can live with it.

Later, Dean and Castiel enter the casino. Sam sees them and asks Dean to free him, and warns that Chuck is close. A controlled Eileen attacks Dean, and Castiel tackles her. Sam grabs a knife as Chuck appears and Dean punches him. Chuck is unaffected and smashes Dean to the floor. Castiel rolls the sphere to Sam, and Dean tells his brother to smash it. Sam hesitates and Chuck asks him what he's going to do. After a moment, Sam drops to his knees and releases the sphere, and tells Dean that he can't.

Chuck smashing the sphere.

Dean asks Chuck what he did to Sam, and their gunshot wounds heal. Chuck sighs in relief and says that since Sam lost hope, he's free. He picks up the sphere and destroys it, and Dean figures that Chuck isn't going to dust them. Chuck asks why not, as Dean figures that Chuck is holding out for his big finish. Smiling, Chuck says that Sam actually saw his memories of other worlds with alternate versions of Sam and Dean. They didn't think they'd do it either, but they did, and Chuck is sure that the surprised Sam and Dean will do so as well. Dean says that they won't, and tells Chuck to go back to the other worlds because they'll never give him the ending he wants. Chuckling, God says that they'll see and disappears. Later at the bunker, Eileen packs and Sam wishes that she'd stay. Eileen says that after what happened, she doesn't know what's real anymore. Sam kisses her and tells her he knows that was real. Eileen strokes Sam's face and leaves.

Billie telling Jack that it's time, in the Empty.

Dean and Castiel sit in the kitchen, and Sam joins them. He confirms that Eileen left and Dean offers his condolences. Sam figures it was their chance to stop Chuck, and explains that he believed what Chuck showed him and still does. Dean figures that it's good enough for him, and Sam asks what they do now. Castiel and Dean figure Chuck will be back eventually, and Dean says that they'll find another way to stop him.

In the Empty, Jack is looking around before Billie appears and tells Jack that it's time. [1]


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  • This is the final mid-season premiere of Supernatural.
  • The episode title is a reference to the original members of Team Free Will coming up with a plan to trap God. It is also a reference to the fact that God has trapped Sam Winchester and Eileen Leahy.
  • The CW's official summary for the episode misspells Shoshannah Stern as "Shoshanna Stern".
  • It is revealed Benny was killed by pack of vampires after his return.
    • Benny is revealed to be infamous in Purgatory for his escape and subsequent return.
    • It also implies that monsters permanently die when killed in Purgatory since Benny is said to be dead.
  • The visions God shows Sam:
    • Castiel is revealed to be trapped in the Ma'lak Box after being given a mark to trap God.
    • Eileen, Donna, Claire, and the other girls are implied to have been killed by monsters, with Claire being killed by vampires.
    • Sam and Dean are turned into vampires and Dean kills Jody, while Bobby kills Sam by decapitation. It's unknown what happens to Dean after Sam is killed by Bobby.
  • Eve is confirmed to have returned to Purgatory after Dean killed her and wants revenge on Team Free Will.
    • Interestingly though, Leviathans are revealed to be currently following Eve's orders, which stands in contrast to Season 7, during which they were shown to look down on her. One Leviathan also referred to Eve as "Mother," and claimed the Leviathans are hers. Given Eve's mysterious background and relationship with the Leviathans, this further insinuates her connection to the Leviathan race.
  • It is revealed Sam's visions were God's memories of other versions of Sam and Dean.[2][3][4][5][6][7]
  • God reveals that he had manipulated events so that Eileen would be resurrected as he needed a way to spy on the Winchesters. However, God admits that it wasn't all him as God only gave Sam half the spell and Sam did the rest.
  • After making Sam lose hope, God is able to heal his wound, causing his to be healed as well, and he returns to his full power.
  • This episode shows that it is now 2020.
  • It's revealed that the Leviathan Blossom grows from the rotting remains of a dead Leviathan. However, it can take months to grow.
    • This indicates that God had created the Leviathan before he trapped the Darkness.
  • It's revealed that, if God is trapped, the law of nature prevails, with the monsters dominating everything.
  • Interestingly, even though Leviathans were able to overpower Castiel before, Castiel, despite his powers being stated to be falling, was able to telekinetically throw a Leviathan. Notably, the Leviathans chose not to engage Castiel directly but instead trap him in an Angel Trap to prevent him from using his powers. Castiel was also able to escape from the Leviathans without many injuries.
  • This is the first time a version of Jody interacts with a version of the alternate Bobby.
  • In this episode, Chuck takes Sam and Eileen to a casino in Nebraska. However, in early 2020, casinos were still illegal in Nebraska. There was a ballot initiative to legalize them in November, 2020.
  • In a deleted scene for this episode available on the Season 15 DVD boxed set, in what's possibly supposed to be a vision of the events surrounding the alternate timeline Sam, Dean, Castiel and Eileen, Dean and Castiel are shown arriving at the casino where the Chuck-controlled Eileen attacks Dean before being subdued by Castiel. After a shorter confrontation with Chuck where he and Dean do not exchange the dialogue seen in the episode itself, Sam smashes the orb when it is sent to him by Castiel, causing a rift to open and suck in Chuck, completing the spell. The Mark of Cain then appears on Castiel's arm.


  • Castiel: Dean, will you stop? Just stop being so stupid.
  • Dean: What?
  • Castiel: If we attack Chuck now, we don't have anything that can hurt Him. We get that Leviathan blossom, complete Michael's spell, build the Cage. That's our chance. That's the way we'll save Sam, and that's the way we'll save the world.

  • Alternate Sam: You want to quit? What's happened to you, Dean? Ever since...
  • Alternate Dean: Ever since what? We lost pretty much everyone we've ever cared about? Ever since the Mark made Cass go crazy? Ever since I had to bury him in a Ma'lak box? Ever since then? Yeah. You know why? 'Cause the monsters -- they're everywhere. Everywhere! What we do -- it's not even Hunting anymore. It's whack-a-mole. We don't even save people. Every friend we've ever had is either dead, or they got wise and they packed it in.
  • Alternate Sam: Jody's still fighting, and Bobby --
  • Alternate Dean: Bobby has a death wish, and you know it. And Jody -- ever since what happened to Donna and the girls, she does, too. And after Eileen... so do you.

  • Dean: Cass? Cass, I hope you can hear me... that wherever you are, it's not too late. I should've stopped you. You're my best friend, but I just let you go. 'Cause it was easier than admitting I was wrong. I-- Ohh. I don't know why I get so angry. I just know -- I know that it's -- i-it's just always been there. And when things go bad, it just -- it comes out. And I can't -- I can't stop it. No matter how -- how bad I want to, I just can't stop it. And -- and I-I forgive you. Of course I forgive you. I'm sorry it took me so long -- I'm sorry it took me till now to say it. Cass, I'm -- I'm so sorry. Man, I hope you can hear me. I hope you can hear me. Okay.

  • Chuck: Without me, it's a law of nature -- dark forces prevail, monsters rule, and you, your brother, and everyone you love will die. Can you really live with that?

  • Dean: Well, what now? You're not gonna dust us.
  • Chuck: Oh, yeah? Why not?
  • Dean: Because you're holding out. For your big finish. Yeah, we know about your galaxy-brained idea, how you think this story is gonna go. Sam got a little look into your draft folder.
  • Chuck/God: Sam's visions -- they weren't drafts. They were memories. My memories. Other Sams and other Deans in other worlds. But guess what. Just like you, they didn't think they'd do it, either. But they did. And you will, too.
  • Dean: No. Not this Sam. And not this Dean. So you go back to Earth 2 and play with your other toys. Because we will never give you the ending that you want.
  • Chuck/God: We'll see.

  • Sam: That was our, uh, chance to stop Chuck. But what Chuck showed me, what would happen if we trapped Him -- I believed Him. I still do.
  • Dean: Well, that's good enough for me.
  • Sam: Okay, uh, so, what now?
  • Castiel: Well, Chuck's gone, but...
  • Dean: He'll be back.
  • Sam: If we can't kill Him or trap Him...
  • Dean: Well, then we find another way.



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