The Things They Carried is the 15th episode of Season 10. It aired on March 18, 2015.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Despite Dean's directive to forget about looking for a cure for the Mark of Cain, Sam continues to do research. Dean suspects Sam is hiding something but decides to focus on a new murder case where they run into Cole (guest star Travis Aaron Wade). The three team up and learn a Khan worm is infecting men and turning them into murderers. Unfortunately, the worm makes it's way into Cole.


In Fayetteville, North Carolina, a girl is hanging upside down from the ceiling as a shadowy figure approaches down a corridor and slits her throat, proceeding to drink the blood. Back at the bunker, Sam is reading a page on biblical and far eastern studies and the Mark of Cain, which he is quick to hide. Dean presents the case of a female soldier whose organs and blood was drained and marrow sucked from her bones. Sam isn't eager to work the case but agrees to anyway, admitting it could be their kind of thing.

In the car, Dean states that they need to "face the truth," that there is no way around the mark, and that he will someday become like Cain. And that he must keep doing what they do, fighting monsters with Sam's help for as long as possible. Sam says nothing. At the town hall, local police say they have already closed the case and that it was a Special Forces officer Rick Willis whose finger prints were found all over the scene. After the murder, he drank gasoline then set himself on fire. It's the third suicide in 6 months and Dean believes it's demonic possession.

Rick's wife revealed that he had been out of character and had an abnormally large thirst for water, drinking from the hose and bath while his skin was drying out. She also mentions Rick's friend Kit may have the same problem. Kit's wife initially says Kit has been fine, but later admits that he too has been very thirsty and has been missing since the night before, something that wasn't like him. As the boys are leaving the house, Cole arrives saying that he has been Kit's friend since they were children and had come to help. He questions why they think Kit needs investigating and insists on going with them. Sam and Dean only agree after Cole reveals his friend works military intelligence, allowing them to find out Kit's previous mission. He makes it clear he's there to protect his friend, not wanting to hunt him. Sam and Dean insist Kit may not be Kit anymore.

Meanwhile, Kit stumbles into a shop and begins to guzzle water. When the shop worker tries to stop him, he slits his throat with a wine bottle he smashed and starts to drink the blood off the floor.

Discussing the case, they conclude it's not a demon and Cole receives word that the last mission was to rescue an American prisoner of war (PoW) from a cemetery in Iraq. The message has an attached video from Willis' head cam showing the soldiers storming a building, searching for a Major Matt Jones. Jones attacks and kills two men. As they see this, Sam gets an alert about the murder at the Gas n Sip. Kit's wife phones Cole after hearing about the attack, saying that Kit may have killed that man and asks Cole to save him and says Kit sometimes went to his dad's old cabin up north. Cole tells the boys Kit needs help. Dean says if he's a monster he has to die, and Cole leaves the boys saying he'll stay with Jemma but instead heads to the cabin alone. Sam and Dean see him sneak off and follow him.

Cole arrives at the cabin and is attacked by Kit, who tells him he can't stop. As he has Cole pinned to the ground, a worm-like creature crawls from Kit's mouth into Cole's. Right when Sam and Dean arrive, a second worm falls from Kit's mouth and is quickly killed by Dean. Kit flees the building while Cole tells Sam that something went down his throat. Dean realizes it's a type of Khan Worm and that they have to electrocute Cole to get the worm to leave his body. Dean decides to help Cole while Sam goes to find Kit.

Dean begins to shock Cole but nothing happens. He tries twice more but becomes afraid that he will kill Cole if he carries on and concludes that electrocution must not work on this type of Khan Worm. They discuss what they know about the worm and decide that it needs water to survive, so to drive the worm out they must dehydrate Cole quickly.

Elsewhere, Kit is at his house and attacks his wife, saying he can't stop himself. He's about to infect her when Sam arrives and knocks him out. On the phone Dean tells Sam about his dehydration theory. While Sam is skeptical and suggests shooting, Dean insists on trying to save them first. Sam reluctantly agrees and ties Kit up, explaining what was happening to Kit's wife Jemma.

At the cabin, Dean and Cole continue to try to sweat out the monster. Cole wonders if this was what his father felt like and says he understands why Dean killed him. He says that Dean should kill him too if he turns. Dean is angry and says that that means giving up and they had to "fight harder than they ever had". Cole asks to be tied to the chair, but instead hits Dean and dashes for the water bottle, getting only a few gulps before Dean stops him. He tells Dean he can't fight it, but Dean insists that he can.

At Kit's house, Sam and Jemma realize that Kit has gotten loose and has killed the power. They search the house and are attacked by a deranged Kit, leaving Sam pinned to the floor with his gun out of reach.

With Dean distracted by Sam not answering his phone, Cole again attacks Dean, leading to a struggle where the Khan Worm emerges and is quickly killed. Dean tells Sam to bring Kit over quickly as the dehydration works, but Sam responds that it was too late and he'd had to kill Kit. He tells Cole he's sorry, but Cole says he understands and will help Jemma cover up the death. Cole thanks Dean for not letting him give up and says he's looking forward to going home to his family. After Cole leaves, Dean tells Sam not to blame himself for Kit, but Sam says he can't help it. Dean replies that "sometimes you can do everything right but the guy still dies". As Dean walks away, Sam begins to realize he may not be able to save his brother.


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  • As of this episode, Supernatural moves back to Wednesday nights.
  • The food truck that Sam and Dean eat at is named Sammy's Highway Cafe.
  • The title is likely a reference to a collection of short stories of the same name by Tim O'Brien.
  • The CW's official summary for this episode has a grammatical error where it uses the word "it's" instead of "its".
  • The setting for this episode is Fayetteville, North Carolina. Fayetteville is also the location of Fort Bragg, the largest military installation in the world (over 50,000 active personnel).
  • On Cole's phone, the date is given as January 8, 2015 when he receives his friend's email.


  • Despite Cole clearly just receiving the encrypted email, the time the email is sent is given as 2:57pm. However, its dark out making it clearly much later than that.


  • Cole : Damn. Day in day out, you and Sammy saving people from things they just can't wrap their minds around, and nobody even notices. At least I get a medal for my efforts, but you... I tried to kill your ass.
  • Dean : Well, good times.

  • Cole : I appreciate the talk coach, but honestly all I can think about is slicing open your wrists and drinking you like a fountain. I guess that makes me a monster, don't it?

  • Cole: You say that like it's just another Tuesday.
  • Dean: Buddy, it's only Monday.


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Supernatural 10x15 Promo "The Things They Carried" (HD)

Supernatural 10x15 Promo "The Things They Carried" (HD)



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