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The Tears of a Clown is the twelfth episode of season 1 of The Winchesters. It premiered on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 on The CW.


Official episode synopsis for The Tears of a Clown from The CW:

THE HARDEST LIES - Mary (Meg Donnelly) and John's (Drake Rodger) tense discussion is interrupted when Carlos (Jojo Fleites) and Latika (Nida Khurshid) arrive to discuss a mystery involving a creepy clown. Meanwhile, Ada (Demetria McKinney) makes an interesting discovery.



Main cast[]

Special Guest Star[]

Guest Starring[]

  • Eric Mendenhall as Limbo the Clown


  • Brian Duong as Ed
  • Wil Deusner as Wally Gorman
  • Cecelia Specht as Naomi
  • Andres Munar as Felix the Clown
  • Jullian Dulce Vida as Clarence
  • Joshua Weatherby as Roger
  • Desirée Mee Jung as Witch Susan
  • Krystal Tomlin as Witch Lynn
  • Kate Adair as Witch Rachel


Featured supernatural beings[]



  • It is assumed that Rowena is referring to Crowley when she says "Your potted little hellraiser here has information about my son" meaning he also exists in Monster Club Universe.


  • Rowena: Ada Monroe? I heard about what you're after, and I can help for the right price.
  • Ada: Who are you?
  • Rowena: I'm your new best pal. My name is Rowena.

  • John: So now you got me alone, what's the plan? You wanna grill me again, try to figure out why I'm not as upset as you think I should be?
  • Mary: After investigating this case, I think I know why.
  • John: Really? And why is that?
  • Mary: What if it's us? What if our relationship is the problem?
  • John: You wanna tell me how hunting an evil clown suddenly makes you think we have issues?
  • Mary: Not hunting Limbo, talking to Clarence about what happened to his brother.
  • John: Mary, that doesn't make any sense.
  • Mary: Clarence used the carnival as an escape so his brother wouldn't have to face his problems. Don't you think it's that you've been using our relationship in the same way?
  • John: Ok, so our relationship is a circus carnival in this metaphor.
  • Mary: No, it's something happy to distract you from your issues. And it's been working, because ever since we left Lawrence, you've been pretending that we've been on vacation together instead of on the run for Kyle's murder. Either that, or you're flying off the handle because it's like you're totally ignoring reality.
  • John: I'm ignoring reality? You're honestly gonna stand here and act like you're not avoiding your issues too? Ok, what about life after hunting or us?
  • Mary: Well, I applied to college, and I got in.
  • John: Great. And then what have you done since? I mean, have you accepted the offer? Have you enrolled for any classes? Have you taken a second to think about how any of this works if I'm still hunting?
  • Mary: Well, sorry I'm too busy trying to save the world!
  • John: There it is Mary, the eternal excuse! I mean admit it -- the second your future got real, you did what you always do. Ok, you buried your head in the hunting sand so you wouldn't have to think about college or our relationship.
  • Mary: You know what? Think what you want, I don't have time for this.
  • John: And there you go, proving my point.

  • Ada: The demon wasn't part of our deal. Why do you even want it? Are you trying to play both sides against the middle here like --
  • Rowena: Dinnae get your knickers in a twist, hen. This has nothing to do with the Akrida, I can assure you. Your potted little hellraiser here has information about my son.
  • Ada: I have a son too. But just give me the magic you promised me, and I will let you take the plant and go.
  • Rowena: Or... what're you gonna do? Maybe those witches were right. Maybe you're not powerful enough to stop the Akrida. Or me for that matter.
  • Ada: Don't.
  • Rowena: Toodles.
  • Ada: I said stop!
  • Rowena: Now look who's trying to prove me wrong. I hate being wrong.

  • Carlos: You still wanna stand by your love of carnivals?
  • Lata: If we survive this, I'm never gonna eat cotton candy again!

  • Ada: Why are you still here?
  • Rowena: This was never just about that demon, much as I'll enjoy torturing him. It was also a test, one you just passed.
  • Ada: A test?
  • Rowena: To see if you were powerful enough to join my coven. Those witches were right about one thing. The Akrida are so powerful, even with the right magic, stopping their invasion may be impossible. And it's coming. Soon.
  • Ada: Wait. Wait. You know when the queen is opening her portal?
  • Rowena: No, not exact details. I mean, I know she needs help -- something about an alignment of five planets, or --
  • Ada: I need the magic you promised me. Now.
  • Rowena: (groans in annoyance) Heroes. Here you are.
  • Ada: That's it? That's supposed to kill the queen?
  • Rowena: There is one more ingredient that needs to be added. The good news is, you don't have to go too far to get it. The bad news is, once you use it, you'll never be quite the same.
  • Ada: And why is that?
  • Rowena: Because the ingredient is right here, dearie. It's a piece of your own soul. If you survive this, Ada Monroe, look me up. You're more powerful than you know. And I have so much to teach you.

  • Lata: I have to ask. Do the two of you remember it, when you were clowns?
  • Mary: Yeah, all of it.
  • Lata: How terrifying.
  • Mary: Actually, it was kind of nice.

  • John: So, do you really mean that?
  • Mary: Didn't it feel good to you, not having to worry about our problems for a second, not have to worry about us?
  • John: Maybe. But it also made me realize that you were right. I have been ignoring things because it's easier than facing the truth. I'm sorry for that. I am also sorry for being so angry with you.
  • Mary: I guess I got kind of angry myself, you calling me a hypocrite and all. But you were right too. Thinking about the future is scary.
  • John: So are we good?

  • John: Mom, what are you doing here?
  • Millie: I thought you'd want to hear the good news. Betty and I found a witness who can attest that Kyle arrived at the garage after he made the 911 call saying he was already there. I talked to a lawyer. He said it's enough to clear you.
  • John: Thank you.
  • Millie: It'll be good to have you home after we stop by the Clubhouse. Ada's back -- says she's got something on the Akrida.

  • Millie: So what is all this stuff?
  • Ada: Star charts. I traded magic with a witch who told me that five planets have to be in alignment in order for the queen to open her portal, but I can't make heads or tails of when that's supposed to happen.
  • Lata: Maybe I can.
  • John: But there's still the problem of how to stop her. And the entire Akrida army.
  • Ada: That's where the trade came in. There's supposed to be enough magic in this crystal to kill the queen.
  • Carlos: Way to bury the lead there, Ada. That's incredible. How do you know that little crystal can do all that?
  • Ada: I guess I'm just that good.
  • Lata: And not a moment too soon.
  • Mary: Why?
  • Lata: According to this, the planetary alignment that the queen needs has already begun.


  • Clarence and Roger's parents (mentioned only)
  • Jerome Haskins


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