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The Star was a merchant ship captained by Gavin MacLeod.

History[edit | edit source]

Original Timeline[edit | edit source]

In the original timeline, the Star was a merchant ship captained by Gavin MacLeod that sank off the coast of Andover, Massachusetts in 1723. The wreck was eventually found and amongst the items discovered in the wreck was Gavin's signet ring.

In 2011, Rufus Turner learned about the Star and the sinking when researching Crowley for Bobby Singer. In order for Bobby to summon Gavin's ghost as part of his plan to break his deal with Crowley, Rufus steals Gavin's recovered ring.

Altered Timeline[edit | edit source]

Before Gavin MacLeod can board the Star, he is kidnapped by the Knight of Hell Abaddon to use as leverage against his father Crowley in 2014. Following Abaddon's death, Crowley refuses to send Gavin back to die on the Star and teleports him away to start a new life. Crowley informs Gavin of his fate if he returns to his own time which upsets Gavin who accepts the new life Crowley offers him.

Due to Abaddon kidnapping Gavin to 2014, he was not aboard the Star when it set sail. As a result of Gavin being kidnapped before they could meet about her joining him on the ship, his fiancé Fiona Duncan stowed away and was raped and brutalized when discovered. After the ship sank, Fiona became a vengeful spirit. Parts of the wreckage ended up in a museum along with an extra artifact, Fiona's Locket.

With Gavin's help, Sam and Dean discover that Fiona is the ghost and learn of what happened to her on the Star because Gavin wasn't there to protect her. To change this, Gavin decides to return to 1723 to protect Fiona and die on board the Star with her.

Restored Timeline[edit | edit source]

After Gavin returns to 1723, he takes command of the Star once more and dies when the ship sinks. However, Gavin is able to protect Fiona from being brutalized by the crew and she does not become a vengeful spirit, restoring to life all of her victims.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Star was a brigantine ship, designed for trading goods. A storm caused it to sink off the New England coast in 1723. Upon the discovery of its wreckage, many artifacts as well as parts of the ship were recovered and moved to the Maritime Museum in Andover, Massachusetts. In 2017, the Museum loaned the parts to another museum, where Sam and Dean discovered it.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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