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The Spirit of Vegas is the ninth episode of Supernatural: The Animation.

Summary Edit

Dean is taken over by a Japanese "poverty" spirit. He tries to rid himself of the spirit and discovers he must fight the spirit of "prosperity", because these two spirits are really two sides of the same coin.

Plot Edit

Dean discovers an old coin while riding the elevator to his and Sam's hotel room. There, he discovers a haggard-looking old man about the size of his palm sitting on his shoulder. He alerts Sam to the old man's presence, but Sam doesn't see anything.
Dean's drawing of the poverty spirit (Anime)

Dean's doodle.

Dean then draws a doodle of it, and while Sam is unimpressed, he looks it up on the computer and finds an article about a Japanese poverty spirit, one that is attached to an ancient Japanese coin. He is disturbed to find that Dean has said coin, however, Dean immediately throws it over the balcony to be rid of the spirit.

Miraculously, the coin falls from the tree it landed on and gets picked up by crows, who then fly above Dean and drop the coin onto his head. Dean proceeds to set the coin on fire, but this proves fruitless. Desperate, he tries throwing it into the ocean and then burying it, but the coin always finds its way back to him, much to the amusement of the spirit.

Dean staring at the Spirit of Poverty (Anime)

The real one.

Bad luck begins to strike Dean when the sprinklers on their room damages Sam's laptop and drives the hotel staff to take away the money Dean earned at the casino. The brothers then move out to a new motel, but bad luck causes them to nearly suffer a car collision. While Sam researches for an answer in the local library, the television Dean is watching catches fire, and he is promptly distracted by bikers stealing his Impala.

The car gets towed after it gets damaged during the chase, and when Sam and Dean return to the motel, they find their room is on fire and firemen are there. The landlord is furious, forcing Sam and Dean to make a run for it and use sleeping bags for the night.

Sam encourages Dean to be a little optimistic, and offers him some of his bread. He solemnly adds that the poverty spirit doesn't go away, and will stay with the afflicted until death. After they go to sleep, Sam wakes up to find Dean's sleeping bag empty and realizes his wallet is missing.

He finds Dean back at the casino, losing repeatedly. Sam urges him to leave, knowing he's not going to make any money with his bad luck, and will only produce tons of debt. Just then, a yellow vehicle breaks through the doors and causes a major disruption.

An employee runs towards the vault to hide the money. While Katty confronts him, the two are approached by a man. The man takes Katty hostage and holds her at gun point, and orders the employee to open the vault.

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are trying to make it out of there, only for Dean to dangle over a balcony and see Katty in trouble. He lets himself drop on top of the guy, only for Katty to hold him at gun point, since she is secretly working for the other man. Masked colleagues begin to surround the trio below while Sam has one holding him at gun point above.

Fortunately, Sam manages to drop down on top of Katty, causing the masked man above to shoot his boss instead. Dean jumps off him and notices the coin fly up. Dean uses the gun to knock it away, and Sam grabs it before stuffing it into Katty's mouth, thus passing the curse onto her.

The SWAT team immediately arrive and surround Katty and her associate, forcing them to surrender.

Dean is now free of the poverty spirit for good, a fact which he is delighted about. Unfortunately for Sam, Dean wishes to continue playing at the casino. After the credits, Dean is shown winning, yet Sam is still concerned.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is an anime-only episode.
  • This episode shares some similarities with the TV episode Bad Day at Black Rock, which features a cursed object causing bad luck to whoever is inflicted.

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  • Dean : This is pretty much what he looks like, wanted me to draw a sketch of him, right? And just for the record, I'm a better artist than you.
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