The Spear is a two-bladed weapon with unknown origins owned by Kaia Nieves from an alternate universe. It was later destroyed by the Apocalypse World Michael, so that it couldn't be used against him.

Physical AppearenceEdit

The Spear shaft seems to be made of wood with bone parts and some kind of tape to support the split metal blade.


The Spear was shown to be a very powerful weapon capable to kill Grace-Enhanced Vampires and harm or possibly even kill an archangel.



  • Jody referred it as "a giant meat fork" and Dean referred it as "pig sticker".[1]
  • The Spear greatly resembles Imperius' spear, Solarion, from the Diablo franchise.
  • In Nihilism, Jack uses the Spear's broken handle to hold a door shut to keep out Michael's enhanced monsters.
  • The spear being used to kill a Grace-Enhanced vampire.
  • The Spear harming Michael's arm.
  • Michael destroys the Spear.


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