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The Silo, also known as the Northern Camp, was a POW camp for resistance prisoners on Apocalypse World.


Following the formation of a human resistance on Apocalypse World by Jack and Mary Winchester, the Silo was established as a POW camp by the angels. The chosen location was an old grain silo and the surrounding buildings. At the camp, angels led by the Prison Camp Commander interrogated resistance members and then executed them via decapitation on a pole in the middle of the camp. Some prisoners were also executed in the area they were found rather than being taken to the camp which seemed to be for high-value prisoners.

Following the arrival of Dean Winchester and Arthur Ketch on Apocalypse World, they witnessed the camp commander and three of his angels perform an execution of resistance captives. After discovering Charlie Bradbury, a high-ranking member of the resistance amongst the prisoners, the commander chose to take her back to the Silo for interrogation rather than execute her.

Having witnessed the events on the bridge, Dean insisted on rescuing Charlie out of lingering guilt over the murder of his own Charlie Bradbury. Arthur eventually agreed to help Dean and after an attack by a bounty hunter, they were able to learn the location of the camp from the man.

After failing to get information from Charlie using torture, the commander chose to perform a public execution of Charlie for high crimes against the archangel Michael. Before the executioner could decapitate Charlie, Dean and Arthur attacked. The two hunters eliminated the angels with angel-killing bullets taken from the bounty hunter and the only survivor was the commander who teleported away when the attack began. The two hunters succeeded in liberating the camp, freeing the prisoners who escaped in the confusion and rescuing Charlie.

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  • The Silo is the name the camp was called by the bounty hunter while the Prison Camp Commander called it the Northern Camp.
  • The name for the camp is an obvious reference to the old grain silo it is built around. Upon seeing the grain silo, Dean commented that the bounty hunter "wasn't kidding."