The Real Ghostbusters is the 9th episode of Season 5. It aired on November 12th, 2009.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Super fan Becky (guest star Emily Perkins) uses Chuck's (guest star Chuck Benedict) phone to trick Sam and Dean into attending a Supernatural fan convention, complete with fans dressed up as Sam and Dean. One of the activities is a live action role playing game, but things quickly turn sour after a real ghost appears on the scene.



After receiving an SOS text message, Sam and Dean have driven all night to reach the Pineview Hotel. As they rush in, Dean notices several black '67 Impalas parked in the lot, but they continue on. Sam and Dean approach Chuck as he paces in front building and ask him what's wrong. Chuck is confused why Sam and Dean are even there. Sam attempts to remind him that he got a text from him telling them to come because of a life or death situation. Chuck swears he didn't send one and then realizes that it was in fact Becky who had texted the boys. Becky suddenly appears, gleeful that Sam made it, and matter-of-factly tells Chuck she "borrowed" his phone from his pants. Someone calls for Chuck and tells him "it's show time." Sam and Dean follow an embarrassed Chuck inside only to find that this is a Supernatural Convention. Not only that, but people are dressed up as 'characters' from the books and there are even Sam and Dean "look a-likes." (not really, but they are dressed up and role playing) that do a scene from "Hunted."


The boys react to the day's panel titles.

The panel begins, and "Carver Edlund" is the guest speaker. Before Chuck speaks, the director reads off the schedule for the day, which includes: 'Frightened Little Boy, the Secret Life of Dean' and 'The Homoerotic Subtext of Supernatural.' Sam and Dean are in disbelief. Chuck then comes onto the stage and after nervously downing a bottle of water, asks for questions. The first person asks where Chuck got the idea for Sam and Dean. "It just came to me." is his answer. He next calls on "the Hookman", who asks why Sam and Dean don't keep their weapons on a bungee cord to prevent them from being knocked away in a fight.


The Hookman makes good points.

Before Chuck can answer the question, the same cosplayer asks a "follow-up": why doesn't Sam realize that Ruby is evil, as it is obvious that she is manipulating him into some kind of moral lapse? Becky gets angry at this and tells him if he doesn't like it, then don't read the books. Chuck stops any more arguments, and asks for another question. The next question is "What happens next?" Chuck then announces plans to begin publishing again, thanks to a wealthy Scandinavian investor. This is met with a standing ovation from the crowd, and angry faces from Sam and Dean.

The Sams and Deans gather the facts.

After the question panel, Sam and Dean approach Chuck about the reboot in publishing. They ask him to stop, but Chuck replies that he needs to make a living, and the Supernatural books are all he has. They are about to continue when they hear a scream. Sam and Dean rush upstairs, though Chuck attempts to delay them. Once there, they find out it's actually the start of 'the case' that's been scheduled; a game for fans to participate in as "Sam" and "Dean," with the case directive written in a message from "Dad's Journal." The winning team wins a $50 gift card to Sizzler. The brothers announce, at the same time, that they need a drink.


Sam and Dean are unknowingly shadowed by their LARPing counterparts.

The scene moves to one of the pairs investigating the fake haunting, the fake Sam heading off into an empty study with a fake EMF reader. He encounters an actress pretending to be the ghost of "mean 'ol Leticia Gore." He shoots her with a toy round and is annoyed when she doesn't actually vanish. He wanders more and faces a young boy who tells him that Miss Gore won't let him have any fun, and this time he freaks out when the boy actually does vanish. When he runs but stops to catch his breath, he is lifted and flung upside down around the room while hearing a woman's voice yell "Naughty!" Finally, a ghost of a woman rushes toward him and he hits the ground hard and runs downstairs. Now thoroughly spooked, he wants to leave and tells his partner to leave, too. Sam and Dean overhear this, and begin their own investigation. They bribe the hotel manager for information, and he tells them that the "fake haunting" is actually true. The convention organizers had chosen the 100th anniversary of the day Leticia Gore butchered four children in the attic, and then killed herself.


The LARPers find the real map to Leticia's grave.

Sam and Dean then head to the attic, unaware that two cosplayers, Barnes (Sam) and Demian (Dean), overheard their conversation and have decided to do the same. The cosplayers encounter a young boy's ghost, who they believe is an actor, and it points them to a picture on the wall. The ghost asks them to help; Miss Gore won't let them have any fun. They take down the picture and discover that the back of it is stained with dried bloody handprints, and a map is concealed within the frame. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are searching the attic and encounter the ghost of a little boy cowering in the corner and shielding his head. The spirit says "My mommy loves me this much!" and exposes his head to reveal that he's been scalped. Then he disappears.


Chuck and Becky don't talk a lot when Sam is in the room.

Later in the lobby, Sam speaks on the phone with someone at the county's historical society while Becky aims seductive kissy faces at him from across the room, as dejected Chuck looks on. Sam learns that Leticia Gore's son was among her young victims, and that according to police at the time, he was scalped. Dean declares that he is going to "deep fry this bitch, extra-crispy," and they discuss locating her remains. Just then they overhear Barnes and Demian talking and looking over the map they found. The cosplayers are annoyed that Sam and Dean try take their map, but after talking it over, the two parties agree to work together, as long as the cosplayers get to be "Sam" and "Dean," and get to keep the Sizzler gift certificate if they win.

"Sam", "Dean", "Rufus"(Sam), and "Bobby"(Dean) head to the graveyard. The cosplayers begin to roleplay a scene from "Asylum", and Dean starts to fume. He demands to know why they would choose to be these "characters"; the cosplayers reply that it's because they are fans, just like them. Dean replies that he is not a fan, and thinks that the entire story is a bunch of crap that would send most people howling to a nuthouse. After the cosplayers say that they don't think that Sam and Dean would care, Dean says that they do care, a lot, and walks off. Sam attempts to cover this up by saying that Dean is really passionate about the story.


Barnes and Demian get more role play than they expected.

As the group enters the graveyard, the cosplayers start "looking for bones" while and Sam and Dean locate Leticia's gravestone and prepare to salt and burn. The cosplayers look on in shock as Sam and Dean dig up the grave. Leticia's ghost attacks, and sends Sam flying. While Dean hurries to burn the bones, the ghost goes after the cosplayers, clamping onto their chests and screaming "Naughty!" repeatedly. Dean finally succeeds in lighting the bones and the ghost dissipates, leaving the cosplayers in shock. Dean asks them if that was real enough for them.


The ghost of the Gore boy says Leticia didn't hurt him.

Barnes and Demian are at the bar, drinking stiff drinks, when Dean and Sam approach and Dean buys for them. The Winchesters attempt to leave, only to discover that all of the exits are sealed. They encounter the ghost of Leticia's son again, only this time he communicates to them that his mother did not kill him. They soon figure out that Leticia killed the three other boys only after discovering that they'd scalped her son.


The evil spirit children are now off-leash.

Elsewhere in the hotel, the three evil ghosts corner the Hookman cosplayer, who believes they are LARPers playing the "creepy children" he regards as overdone in the Supernatural books. The spirits announce that since Miss Gore is gone now, they can have all the fun they want, and then produce knives. Sam and Dean hear his scream and race upstairs to find he's been scalped and killed. Sam and Dean inform Chuck of this development, then usher the hotel guests and staff into the main hall, before salting the doors. The boys then deduce that Leticia was the only thing keeping the three homicidal ghosts from killing people. They convince the actress who was playing Leticia to help them. Barnes and Demian approach them and say that they want to help. After a few minutes of talking, Dean agrees to let them help.


"Mean 'ol Leticia Gore" tries to command evil orphans' attention.

Then Dean and the actress head upstairs to distract the ghosts, while Sam and the cosplayers try to get out. The actress manages to get the ghosts' attention by scolding them as Leticia might have and they begin to relent enough to loosen their hold on the exit so the cosplayers make it out. Then, the actress' cellphone starts ringing with a snappy pop ringtone. The ghosts are confused and then turn angry. Dean steps in from outside the room and tells the girl to run. He and the ghosts engage in a fight and Dean is pinned down.


The evil orphans bones catch fire just in time to save Dean's scalp.

Sam finally arrives to help with the struggle. Meanwhile, Barnes and Demian are frantically digging up the boys' graves and collecting the bones together. At the hotel, Sam and Dean are still fighting the spirits, but are becoming overwhelmed as the ghosts are now positioned to scalp them. Barnes and Demian luckily set the bones on fire in time and save Sam and Dean. Now the spirits are gone, the convention is over, and the authorities bring out the body of the Hookman guy. The Barnes and Demian talk with Dean; he thanks them and learns their real names. When they ask what his real name is, he replies "Dean. The real Dean." Demian and Barnes laugh thinking that he is joking. Dean seems a little disappointed, but leaves it at that and thanks them again. He starts to walk away, but Demian stops him to say "You're wrong, you know." Dean is confused. Demian explains that Dean was wrong about Supernatural. He says "No offense, but I'm not sure you get what the story's about."
Dean is curious to know his explanation. Demian reveals that in real life, Barnes sells stereo equipment and he fixes copiers. "Our lives suck. But to be Sam and Dean, to wake up every morning saving the world, to have a brother who would die for you, who wouldn't want that?" Dean smiles says that he has a point, and that they don't make a bad team themselves. Dean asks how they know each other and they reply that they met online in the "Supernatural chat room." Dean teases, "Oh. Must be nice to get out of your parent's basement and make some friends." Demian says "We're more than friends. We're partners." They clasp each other's hands and Barnes rests his head on Demian's shoulder. A shocked Dean can only come up with "Howdy, partners" before he walks away.

Becky 'breaks up' with Sam, earnestly telling him "We had undeniable chemistry. But like a monkey on the sun, it was too hot to live." Sam pretends he's trying to put on a brave face and accept that she's moved on with Chuck. Chuck stands next to Becky witnessing this break up with barely contained joy. Before Sam leaves he jokingly tells Chuck it's okay with him and Dean if he starts publishing again. Chuck takes the bait. "Wow. Really?!" Sam says no, not really, and they have guns and will find him if there are any more books. Chuck understands, and there will be no more books. Sam starts to walk away but Becky stops him to tell him one more thing. "Hey on chapter 33, 'Time Is On My Side,' you know that British girl Bela? She stole the Colt from you and she said she gave it Lilith, remember?" Sam nods and Becky continues. "Well you know she lied, right? She never really gave it to Lilith." Sam is confused and replies with "Wait, what?" Becky says "Didn't you read the book? There was this one scene where Bela gives the Colt to a demon named Crowley, Lilith's right-hand man. I think her lover too." Sam chides Chuck for not telling them about this before; Chuck admits he's not as big a fan as Becky is and didn't remember it. Sam tells Becky to tell him everything and Becky gets excited.

Dean is standing by his car smiling. Sam comes up behind him and asks him if he's okay. Dean says "Hey, you know, i think I'm good," still smiling. Sam stands across from him on the other side of the car and says "Well, you're not gonna believe it, but I think i got a lead on the Colt." Dean is confused. Sam continues, "Long story. I'll tell you on the way." Dean says "Well what are we waiting for?" and they get in the car and drive away.


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  • Referencing the cartoon series of the same name based on the 1984 movie, Ghostbusters.
  • The only death in the episode is a German fan (dressed as the Hookman) who complains about the books.
  • This marks the second time in as many consecutive episodes that a character previously unknown to the Winchesters mentions Sam's relationship with Ruby, the first being the Japanese game show host in "Changing Channels."
  • The CW's official summary for this episode has a question mark block character in place of a hyphen, as well as having an error with actor Rob Benedict being replaced by 'Chuck Benedict', a amalgamation of his and his character, Chuck Shurley's names.

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  • "Ain't Got Nobody" by Hound Dog Taylor
  • "Ring-a-Ling" by Missy Eighty 6
  • "Topsy Turvy" by The Bughouse 5
  • "Trouble Baby" by The Bughouse 5
  • "Whiskey" by Swank


  • Sam and Dean: See what?
  • Becky: I love it when they talk at the same time!

  • Sam: Oh, Hey, Chuck, If you really wanna publish more books, then I guess that's okay with us.
  • Chuck: Wow! Really?
  • Sam: No, not really. We have guns, and we'll find you.
  • Chuck: Okay, okay. No more books.

  • Chuck: No, there's really no such thing as a Croatoan Virus for... down there. You really should see a doctor.


  • Welcome, Sam and Dean.
  • "Dad said... I might have to kill you, Sammy.."
  • Chuck deals with a pesky evil orphan spirit.
  • Dean and Sam send a message.

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  • German: Die echten Geisterjäger (The Real Ghostbusters)

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