The Rapture is the 20th episode of Season 4. It aired on April 30th, 2009.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Castiel (guest star Misha Collins) appears to Dean in a dream and says he has something important to tell him but they need to meet somewhere private. Dean and Sam go searching for Castiel but instead find Jimmy, Castiel's human vessel, who has only a spotty recollection of being an angel. Jimmy wants to return to his family and normal life, but Dean and Sam are concerned about his safety.



Dean is sitting on a pier, fishing, in a very peaceful scene. Castiel appears next to him and says he has something important to tell Dean. Dean realizes he is dreaming, but Castiel warns him that even in his mind someone may be listening, and gives Dean an address at which to meet him.

When Dean and Sam arrive at an old factory site, it is obvious a violent fight has occurred, and when they see symbols similar to the ones Anna used in Heaven and Hell to banish Castiel and Uriel, they understand that the battle was between angels. They find Jimmy Novak there — the man who has been Castiel's vessel.

While eating his first meal in "months", Jimmy tells Sam and Dean he knows nothing of what Castiel wanted to tell Dean and has very few memories about being possessed. His only desire is to return to his wife and daughter.


Jimmy says yes to Castiel.

In flashback we see how Jimmy, an observant Christian, was contacted by Castiel. He demonstrated his existence by performing miracles, such as protecting Jimmy while he plunged his hand into boiling water. Jimmy's wife Amelia Novak fears he is mentally unbalanced and pleads with him to seek treatment. He refuses and, standing outside his front door, offers himself to Castiel's service, at which point Castiel possesses him. When his daughter comes out on the porch a moment later and asks "Daddy", he replies "I am not your father", and walks away, not to return for over a year.


Sam leaves Jimmy unattended while he gets a fix.

Back in the present, Sam lays out the facts of why Jimmy needs to stay with them — regardless of his lack of knowledge as a vessel for Castiel, demons will be after him and he will only draw them to his family. Despondent, Jimmy sneaks out that night when Sam leaves the motel room to consume the last of the Demon Blood he is carrying in a flask. When Sam called Ruby earlier, desperate for more blood, she didn't answer.

Sam and Dean take off to find Jimmy, and Anna visits them to warn that demons will indeed be pursuing Jimmy, as he may know the important information Castiel was going to tell Dean. Anna also observes that Sam seems different.


A demon possesses Jimmy's friend Roger.

Jimmy arrives home to a cool welcome from his wife, who hasn't seen him for a year. She lets him stay for a meal with her and their daughter Claire. During the meal their neighbor Roger stops by and reveals himself as a demon. Dean and Sam turn up in time to rescue the family, although Sam is unable to use his weakened powers to exorcise any of the demons.

Jimmy accepts that he must separate from his family, and goes to talk to them. His wife apologizes for not believing his words about angels and demons as Jimmy notes she was right about how he acted as everything would have been fine. He tells her he has to go as she begs him to stay but he knows he can't. Dean and Sam steal a car for Amelia and Claire to leave in. Shortly after, Jimmy gets a call that his family has been captured by demons.

Jimmy and the Winchesters travel to where the demons are holding the Novaks. Jimmy pleads to the heavens for Castiel not to abandon him, but he and the boys are captured by the demons, one of whom is possessing Amelia.


Sam performs an exorcism on Amelia after drinking a demon.

The demon that possessed Amelia shoots Jimmy in the gut and orders the other demons to kill Claire. At that moment, Castiel possesses Claire, who quickly attacks the demons, destroying them. Sam and Dean join in the fight, and Sam takes the opportunity to bite one of the demons and drink her blood, which is seen by Dean and Castiel, to their horror. He uses his recharged powers to exorcise the demon possessing Amelia.


Castiel retakes Jimmy as his vessel, releasing Claire.

As Jimmy lays dying, Castiel, still possessing Claire, comforts him by saying he kept his promise to protect Jimmy's family. Castiel tells Jimmy that Claire is like her father — something in her blood makes her special, and he will use her as his vessel. Jimmy pleads with Castiel to possess him, despite Castiel's warnings that it will be painful and that he will never die or age. Jimmy agrees if it means protecting his child and Castiel accedes to his wishes and possesses him again.

As Castiel leaves, Dean asks him what it was he wanted to tell him, but Castiel rebuffs him after his returned from "above", saying he doesn't serve man... or Dean; only Heaven. Showing that he has lost his "doubts" he has from previous episodes.


Dean and Bobby stage an intervention.

Back on the road, Sam waits for a response from Dean about the revelation of his blood drinking. Dean seems weary and won't talk about it. Sam gets a call from Bobby saying he needs to see them — unbeknownst to him arranged by Dean. They get to Bobby's place, as he pretends to show them something in his panic room, but it is a ruse to trap Sam inside for him to detox as he protests.


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  • When Sam and Dean see the graffiti symbol in the old factory and Dean mentions it's probably meant to send the angels "back to the cornfield", this is a reference to the Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life" in which a little boy can send whatever he wants to a mysterious cornfield.
  • Castiel tells Dean he serves Heaven not humanity and certainly not Dean. However, ironically, he later displays a greater loyalty to humanity and Dean in particular than Heaven.


  • Anna: You let Jimmy get away?
  • Dean: (about Sam) Talk to Ginormo here.

  • Sam: You have to come with us.
  • Jimmy: How long? And don't give me that "cross that bridge when we get to it" crap.
  • Sam: Don't you get it? Forever. The demons will never stop. You can never be with your family. So, you either get as far away from them as possible. Or you put a bullet in your head. And that's how you keep your family safe. But there's no getting out and there's no going home.
  • Dean: Don't sugarcoat it, Sam.

  • Dean: Cass, hold up. What were you going to tell me?
  • Castiel: I learned my lesson while I was away, Dean. I serve Heaven, I don't serve Man. And I certainly don't serve you.


  • Dean and Sam find Jimmy Novak.
  • Jimmy proves his faith to Castiel.
  • Anna scolds the boys for losing track of Jimmy.
  • Previously strong enough to kill Alastair, Dean notes that now Sam "can't even kill stunt demon #3."
  • Jimmy calls Castiel out.
  • Castiel smites a demon while possessing Claire.
  • After indulging, Sam takes out the last demon in the fight.

International TitlesEdit

  • German: Die Wiederkunft (The Second Coming)


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