... A Soul Eater moves into a house, and once it does, it makes what the lore refers to as a Nest. A place that exists outside of time and space. The Nest looks and feels like whatever house the Soul Eater is in ... The Soul Eaters aren't really here or there, but apparently they can muster enough strength to yank their vics' souls out of this world and into their Nest. And then, as soon as the vic's in The Nest, they're outside of our space and time ... Apparently, The Nest messes with their victim's head, shows them things they love, parts of their soul in distress. It keeps the victim's soul vulnerable ... the meat suits in the real world? They wither and die in the real world ... And the Soul Eater, closes up The Nest and moves on to the next house ... the remains of the souls in The Nest? Well, they wither, too, but they stay with the Soul Eater, keeping it fed in lean times, sort of like a cud.
Bobby, Rufus, Sam and Dean about The Nest

The Nest is an intricate twisted realm where souls can be placed by Soul Eater rather than Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory, or even The Empty. It is said that once a soul is dragged to the place, it is impossible to free them. The soul imprisoning inside the realm can be fatal to the victim, as their body will enter in a coma, then slowly defile and die.[1]


The Nest takes on the appearance of the victim's home the Soul Eater inhabits, albeit much darker and twisted in intention to mess with the Soul Eaters' victims. It appear like a sealed house where souls of the victims can roam endlessly, while sometimes making silent and ghastly appearances. The Nest also has an echoing quality with spoken words tending to echo. When souls first arrive, they can only see other recently arrived souls and it takes time for them to see the older souls trapped in the Nest. The only way to travel to the realm is by being dragged into it by its respective Soul Eater creator. Killing the Soul Eater in question will destroy their Nest and release the souls to either their final resting place or their bodies if they are still alive.


Several years ago in Tennessee, hunter Bobby Singer encountered a Soul Eater who had taken the soul of his friend Harvey to its nest. Though Bobby was unaware of what he was dealing with, he was able to trap the Soul Eater and seal its Nest with a Celtic sigil. All of the victim souls remained trapped within and their bodies died, including Harvey.

In 2008 or 2009 Bobby and Rufus Turner encountered another Nest in a house in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bobby was able to figure out what they were dealing with and he and Rufus set out to use the same sigil to seal the Nest and stop the Soul Eater as they believed it to be impossible to kill. During the sealing of the Nest, Bobby was taken into it by the Soul Eater where he encountered the souls of its victims. Eventually Rufus completed the sigil and sealed the Nest. Before returning to his body, Bobby encountered the soul of a future version of Dean Winchester, leaving both to wonder if the experience was actually real.

In 2016, a woman remodeling her house inadvertently broke the sigil sealing the Nest and the Soul Eater and it resumed its activities. After figuring out what they were dealing with, the Winchesters learned that to kill a Soul Eater, one of them must enter the Nest and paint a sigil inside while the other does the same within the house itself. Dean allows the Soul Eater to drag him into the Nest where he paints the sigil before being possessed by the Soul Eater to stop Sam. Sam is able to subdue his possessed brother and kill the Soul Eater with the sigil. Following the Soul Eater's death, the Nest was destroyed with the souls of the living returning to their bodies while the souls of the dead move on to their final resting place. Before leaving the Nest, Dean has an encounter with the soul of Bobby Singer from 2008 or 2009, leaving both men wondering if the experience was real.

Having learned how to kill Soul Eaters, the Winchesters then traveled to the house of Bobby's old case in Tennessee and killed the Soul Eater there, destroying its Nest and freeing the souls it had trapped.

Sealing and Vanquishing

There are two ways that can neutralize a Nest and its Soul Eater, one by sealing, and one by vanquishing:

  • A Celtic Trapping Sigil can seal off a Soul Eater's Nest, thus impeding it from getting out and snatch new victims.
  • The Soul Eater Killing Sigil kills the Soul Eater in question and destroys the Nest, freeing all of the souls still trapped within. Those whose bodies are still living upon the Soul Eater's death will return to them while those without a body will move on to whatever afterlife they are bound for.



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