This reality -- it has rules, Dean. So many rules. And one of them? Kill one incarnation of Death, like you did, the next Reaper to die takes his place.
Billie to Dean
in Advanced Thanatology

The Natural Order, or Just Is for short, is one of, if not the only, governing forces behind the universe. One of its most important roles is that it is connected to the flow of life and death and assures that people live and die as they should.


The Natural Order or what is usually called Just Is is a powerful and unknown factor of the universe. It is impartial and is unknown how long it has existed if it didn't already always exist. The earliest form of the Order is in regard to the demanded existence of Darkness and Light.

Notable BeingsEdit

  • Reapers have a connection to it. They can see a person's whole lifetime and when and how that person will die and when it is time for them to die. The Natural Order is impartial and both good and evil are subject to its power and when it is time to die, a person will and must die.
  • Death has a role in his job as Death. He follows the natural order as it dictates the flow of life and death. Death while able to bend or even break the order, didn't like to do so. As they often cause chaos and violations in the world. As he asked Dean when he was Death, "Wrecking the natural order's not quite such fun when you have to mop up the mess, is it?"
  • Eve is also aware of the Order and claims to have an "arrangement" between the balance of killing between humans and monsters. 
  • Atropos, one of the Fates, has a role within the Natural Order. She designs the ways in which people die and makes sure that events occur according to destiny.
  • Mandatory Existence of Light and Dark - God and The Darkness are the most notable pillars of The Order, as they both need each other to exist; otherwise, reality itself would be erased. However, it has been said that if both were to be killed, reality would continue to exist in a new state.
  • Mandatory Existence of Death- If Death is killed then the next Reaper (Death's servants) to die will take his position and become the new Death.

Notable PlacesEdit

The Natural Order also have places, that fall under its laws. Mostly the spiritual realms where souls go. Reapers are the ones that take humans souls to Heaven, Hell, and possibly monster souls to Purgatory.

  • Heaven: the spiritual world where mostly good souls go to. If there not enough angels to inhabit the realm, Heaven will crumble and all the souls will be released as ghosts wandering Earth.
  • Hell: the spiritual world where mostly evil souls go to.
  • Purgatory: the spiritual world that souls of monsters go to. If a human were to somehow get trapped in the realm, they'd have to escape through the portal that only they can use.
  • The Empty: the void predating Creation where angels and demons are sent upon death. Believed to be impossible to be recovered from, except if the Empty's guardian The Shadow expels someone.
  • The Veil: the spiritual plane that serves as a transition road or waiting room from one place to another, only available to incorporeal beings.


  • In Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, Eve herself wanted to ensure that her children also follow the Natural Order, even going to extremes as forging the dragon swords to stop her dragons, should they attempt to destroy other beings.
    • In the same book, Lethe or Oblivion, a pagan deity, was also shown working for Heaven. Her role was to wipe memories of people who have seen or witnessed something supernatural that they shouldn't have.
  • During Dean's time as a demon, he states that his kind is part of The Natural Order and that's how it was set up.
  • In situations where the Natural Order is disrupted (e.g.: a person dying before/after their time, or a person being resurrected), the aftermath will last as long as the cause of the disruption exists. As Tessa once mentioned after Dean (during his day as Death) refused to reap a little girl, "chaos and sadness will follow her for the rest of her life" (referring to the girl). According to Death, Sam and Dean, due to their repeated resurrections, "cause disruption on a global scale".
  • The Natural Order appears to be the laws that govern the totality of existence.
  • The Darkness, God, and Death have profound and required connections to the Natural Order. God and Amara are the necessary universal components that balance and sustains reality. Death and the reapers are connected to maintaining the flow of life and death. The destruction of one incarnation of Death, the original Death the Pale Horseman specifically the next reaper to die would become the next death.
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