The Maw of Fenris was a cult that wanted to achieve werewolf dominance on Earth through Ragnarok.


The cult was an organization of werewolves that worshipped the Norse god Fenris as a wolf deity. The cult believed that when Ragnarok came and Fenris killed Odin, they would rule the Earth and mankind rather than coexist with them. For generations, Joy Myers and her pack were part of the cult, particularly under the leadership of Joy's father. After Joy married Jim Myers and he took over the pack, he ended its connections to the cult, instead preaching peaceful coexistence with humans and the pack became fully peaceful.

After a hunter killed her younger brother Charlie in the winter of 2012, Joy became enraged and decided to return to the old ways of the Maw of Fenris, wanting dominance over the human race. To this end, she recruited Russ, Jobah and Pat into the restored cult, with the four carving "Ragnarok" onto the silver bullets they wore as part of their pack.

After hunters Sam and Dean Winchester found the pack due to former hunter Garth joining it and then being arrested for killing a cow, the cult acted by trying to murder the hunters. After Pat was killed by Dean in the attempt, the remaining cult members enacted a plan to bring upon Ragnarok by murdering Garth and Joy's step-daughter Bess and framing it on Sam to make the rest of the pack give up their peaceful ways, particularly Reverend Myers. After learning of the cult, Dean questioned Reverend Myers who believed the cult to be dead and put it together that his wife had resurrected it. Joy attempted to murder Bess, Garth and Sam, but Dean located the werewolves and killed Russ and Jobah before she could harm the three. In a brief shootout, Dean killed Joy Myers and ended the cult once more.

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  • The cult owned a book known as the Book of Fenris.
  • Unfortunately for the cult, Odin had been killed by Lucifer in 2009, thus ending their chances of achieving their dream.
  • All active members of the cult were killed by Dean Winchester.
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